A-I: Lennon/McCartney Night

Well, I’m not going to go over everything, just the highlights, low-lights, and my personal favorites. 🙂 (Does that about cover it all?) 😆

 Even though I don’t care for his voice, I have to say that Chikezie was great last night. He showed what he was capable of, and really nailed it, singing “She’s The Woman”. It was fun, entertaining, and most of all, good vocals!

Ramiele Malubay. I love this girl; she has a great voice. And while I think she was good, vocally, it was pretty boring. “In My Life” is a great song, but I personally wanted to see her change it up a bit.

Jason Castro. Who doesn’t like this kid? He sang “If I Fell”; I loved seeing him with the guitar again, and I thought his vocals were nice. But I guess I have to say that it was just OK.

Carly Smithson! Wow! “Come Together” was a hit for her; Girl, you chose the right song this week! The judges had nothing but praise for her; and let’s not forget what Simon said, it reminded him ‘of Kelly Clarkson, this same week, first season’!

OK, my favorite; David Cook, singing “Eleanor Rigby”. I’d never heard this one before. He started off kinda’ rough, but by the end it was ‘brilliant’, as Simon called it. I really love this guys’ voice!

Brooke White sang “Let it Be”, and it was really nice. Slightly boring, I wanted to see her leave the piano midway or towards the end; but she did very well. I think she’s going to be in this a lot longer than people first thought.

In my personal opinion, David Hernandez might be the one leaving tonight. But what do I know? He sang “I Saw Her Standing There”; the judges said it was ‘overdone’, ‘a little lost’, and Simon, as he often is, was pretty rude with his comments, saying it was ‘corny, verging on desperate’. That made me feel sorry for David, as it wasn’t that bad.

Micheal Johns: There’s something to the guy with the Australian accent. “Across the Universe” wasn’t his best performance, but it was solid. I just want to see him do better and better, ’cause I know we haven’t seen everything he’s capable of.

Kristy Lee Cook, with “Eight Days A Week”, is my other choice for the bottom 12 this week. I thought her voice sounded too restrained. Randy said he was ‘torn’; Paula ‘didn’t get it’; and Simon….well, he didn’t like it at all. He did say Kristy Lee was brave, though.

And David Archuleta. “We Can Work It Out” didn’t turn out very well for him. The poor kid forgot his lyrics, and I was horrified. I really think this kid is talented; he has an amazing voice. But I think he’ll be around for another week; he’s already proved he can out-sing most any other performer on the show this season…and I think he’ll get the chance to prove it again.

I didn’t mention Syesha or Amanda….they both did OK, but nothing remarkable to me. I don’t think either of them will be leaving us tonight.

Any comments are welcome…but I do reserve the right to delete if inappropriate. 🙂


One thought on “A-I: Lennon/McCartney Night”

  1. Thanks for the great recap, it helps for those of us who missed some of the show.
    I have to say though that I saw Brooke White and she was one of my favorites! I loved that she did something totally different from the rest and let the simplicity of the song be felt.
    But then again I am biased as I LOVE the piano.
    I do agree, she could have left it though, but I think she did great as it was.
    Looking forward to your next post!

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