American Idol: Top Eleven in the Beatles Music

Well, another performance night has passed for those singing on American Idol. Here’s my recap.

I have to say the first two performances passed over my head a little, as in, I didn’t give them my full attention due to other things that were requiring my it; so in all fairness, I can’t really say much about them.

Amanda Overmeyer; I think she sang “USSR”. Not one I’d ever heard before, so forgive me if I got the title wrong.  I thought it was pitchy. But she was bringing who she is to the stage; I guess you gotta hand that to her. I can’t remember what any of the judges said about her.

Kristy Lee Cook sang “You’ve Got To Hide Your Love Away”; it was so much better than last week. Not very strong, but still enjoyable. I don’t think she has a powerful voice, so if you’re trying to measure her by that, it won’t add up. But I’m starting to enjoy her voice. Don’t remember what the judges said, but I really liked her this week.

David Archuleta: kid, you gave it to them! Singing “The Long & Winding Road”, David recovered quite well from last week. Randy said “the hotness was back; but remember to take those liberties” his voice is good for it. Paula said he “Came back strong” and that that ”revealed his character”. Simon said it was “Amazing. But sell your song, remember the performance.” Great job, David!

Micheal Johns sang “A Day In The Life”. A very hard song; Randy said it ‘wasn’t your best’. Simon said it was a mess; and even Paula had some tough comments; saying there were “no excuses; Phenomenal voice, you gotta raise the bar”. I agree. Micheal is one of the best vocalists in this competition; but he’s gotta’ keep doing better and better each week, or he’ll be out-shined.

Brooke White. She just grows on you each week. “Here Comes The Sun” wasn’t her best, but still nice; I thought it was well-suited to her voice. Randy said it seemed ”akward” to him, that he ”never connected” with it. Paula said it showed her ”good low-tone. But it could have been more challenging.” Simon said it was ”a terrible performance. It comes down to song choice”. But Brooke had a beautiful attitude through the critic.

David Cook sang “Day Tripper”; very cool, and good vocals; I like the use of the voice box, or whatever the term was. 🙂 Randy said he was ”keeping it interesting. Another sold!” Paula said there was ”not much else to say”; and Simon….well, Simon said it was “not as good. Lost the element of surprise.” and he ”didn’t like the voicing”.

Carly Smithson blew me away with her “Blackbird”. I thought her vocals were both good and strong, it was steady and purposeful, and she really pulled you into the song. Randy called it “very emotive”; Paula said the ”arrangement was Fantastic”; and Simon thought it was….”indulgent”? For once I disagree with Simon. Carly did an outstanding job.

Jason Castro sang ”Michelle” and it suited him extremely well. It was fun, entertaining, good vocals, and I thought his French was pretty good. Randy said it was ”a good choice” but that he ”didn’t know” he was ”not really connected”. Paula said Jason has ”a distinct charm” but ”wierd”. Simon said it’s ”getting a bit strange. You’re very charming, not obnoxious” and ”your goofiness makes it work.” Simon also mentioned how he thought it was a mistake to do Beatles…way too close to Lennon/McCartney.

Syesha Mercado sang “Yesterday”, and I have to say hers was the top performance of the night. It was gripping, very sweet and compelling, and her vocals were great! Randy said it was a ”Very, very, very good performance”; Paula said she loved that Syesha seemed ”vulnerable”; and Simon said it was ”probably her best performance. Not incredible, but you chose the best song for you. That song and performance will keep you in”. Great job, Syesha! Thumbs up to you!

Chikezie; “I just Seen A Face” was OK. Randy said it had it’s “Good and bad parts”; Paula didn’t agree with him, saying Chikezie had done ”it again!” Simon said the ”harmonica was atrocious. It turns into achy-breaky heart. Not as good as last week”, he also called it “gimmicky”.

Ramiele Malubay was the last to perform, with “I Should Have Known Better” she did much better than last week. I still think she needs to start moving about the stage more to capture the audience’s attention. Randy said she’d shown ”confidence” again, it was ”alright, you did your thing”; Paula said it was ”definitely better than last week”; and Simon said she ”chose a mediocre song” and that she was fully capable of more.

All things considered, I think it’ll be Amanda, Chikezie, and Kristy Lee in the bottom three tonight. As far as which one will go….I really couldn’t say. But we’ll see in about twenty minutes! Enjoy the show tonight!


3 thoughts on “American Idol: Top Eleven in the Beatles Music”

  1. I agree that Carly Smithson’s Blackbird was outstanding. She won the night for me. I was disappointed that the contestants performed so badly overall. It wasn’t their fault. The Beatles songs are generally meant to be sung by two-four voices and backed up by a full band. They tend to fall flat when sung by a solo singer.

  2. Ms. Place:
    I agree with you; The Beatles do fall flat when sung by solo singers….So saying, I think most of them did do a pretty good job of it all. Thanks for reading my humble offerings… 😆

    Lynz! Hey; thanks; and I will add you too! 🙂

    Have a great and blessed day everyone!

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