American Idol: Final Ten.

I can’t believe this; but I missed some of the show last night! I taped most of it, but when I went to play it found that the picture was fuzzy, and every now and then there’d be a loud, ringing sound that drowned out the singers! AGH! I need one of those new TV’s with the box thing….. 🙂 I’ll tell you now; I totally missed the theme, but I’m guessing that the contestants had to choose a song from the year they were born….? Anyone who knows and wants to set me straight, go for it! 🙂

I missed Ramiele Malubay‘s performance; so I don’t have anything to say about it. I think she has a great voice, but she hasn’t been picking the best songs for her lately; I hope she did well enough to stay in another week.

Jason Castro sang “Fragile”. I thought it was well-suited to his voice, and I loved that he sang something (even if it was only half) in Spanish; seeing as he’s from the great state of Texas (yes; I’m prejudiced!), and most know some of the Spanish language down there. It seemed to show off some of who he is. None of the judges especially liked Jason’s performance, and here’s why (aside from their thinking it was too laid back and boring): Jason isn’t using proper technique. His voice is lovely, but he needs to support more, learn the correct timing to breathe, etc….As such, he’s not able to project well, sustain….That being said, I think his voice is VERY unique, something definitely needed in this competition. Here’s hoping he gets someone to teach him proper vocal technique, and then he’ll be soaring towards the finals!

Syesha Mercado did very well with “If I Were Your Woman”; all I could think was “Wow! Syesha is SERIOUS! Two weeks running; LOVELY! Randy called it her “best ever! Unbelievable!” Paula said Syesha ”flipped it” and had ”fantastic, upper and lower registers, pitch perfect.” But Simon said that ”there is a limit on your vocals, and that song stretched it”, saying that the end ”wasn’t as good”. Job very well done, Syesha! She’s in here seriously!

Chikezie might have some trouble tonight; he sang “If Only For One Night”. His vocals were good, no complaint there. He used the song to display his high and lower registers well. But it was boring; it sounded like it could have been released, all those years ago, just the way he sang it. Paula was the only one that liked it, saying Chikezie is “a throwback” but in a good way. Simon admitted that the vocals were good, but that Chikezie had ”to show originality” and that he missed his personality.

Brooke White, singing “Every Breathe You Take”, did an OK performance. I loved her back on the piano! Her first few notes were off; she started over and did well. Her recovery was good for the first half, but by the last she wasn’t doing so well; I agree with the judges, the band accompaniment seemed out of place, she could have done better by herself. Paula called her ”unique” and ”consistent”. Simon said it was ”good enough to keep you in”. I’m growing fonder of Brooke each week; I truly think she could be around by the top five or six now.

Michael Johns blew everyone away with ”We Will Rock You” and “We Are The Champions”. I LOVED his vocals in the middle, very well done. Randy called it ”the best”, and Micheal showed off his ”big ole’ voice”. Paula said he ”picked the right song”, and that it was ”your shining moment”. Simon said he saw ”star potential. You just got it right”, and it was ”the only memorable performance” so far that night. This is what I’ve been waiting to see from Michael; I’m so excited for him!

Carly Smithson was a little tight on “Total Eclipse Of The Heart”; but I don’t think she did as badly as the judges. I really liked her lower register, beautiful tone and depth there. Carly reminds me seriously of Celine Dion, she has the same beautiful big voice. The chorus was a bit scratchy to me, though. Randy noted the ‘sharp note at the end”, while Paula didn’t hear it, she ”loved what you did at the end”? How did they come up with those totally different opinions? Simon thought ‘something didn’t work there” and that Carly needs to ”lighten up a bit”.

David Archuletta sang “You’re The Voice”; His runs were very nice, and high notes were beautiful. His beginning was a little rough to me, but he definitely has power in those vocals! Randy ”didn’t like the song” but said ”David could sing anything”, Paula agreed with him there. Simon said David ”sang it well in parts” but that it was ”reminiscent of a theme park performance”. I actually liked his song choice; David does wonderful on the ballads, but it was good to see him do something a bit younger and more energetic.

Kristy Lee Cook sang “God Bless The USA”. Her vocals were good; I didn’t like the arrangement, but excellent song choice on her part. Randy said it was ”a little pitchy” but ”very poignant”; Paula mentioned how much stronger Kristy’s vocals were tonight, but also mentioned the pitchiness. Simon declared Kristy “safe” this week, and that she had the ”most clever song choice in years”.

David Cook sang “Billy Jean”, as usual, he took some big risks, and they really paid off. This guy is awesome! He’s got the element back! And I loved the emotion that showed through his voice. Randy said it was the ”most original, bold performance ever had! Might be the one to win the whole lot!” and it was ”blazing hot!” WOW! If that isn’t the biggest! Paula couldn’t ”sit down”, she called him ”smart, brave, willing to stretch the boundaries right to the edge without going over. Brilliant.” Simon said David could ”either be insane or amazing. That was amazing!” David, you’re going all the way!

Next week, Dolly Parton!


One thought on “American Idol: Final Ten.”

  1. I loved Michael Johns’ and David Cook’s performances! I’m having a hard time deciding who’d i’d like to see win. Or course, winning doesn’t always matter. Look at Clay Aiken.

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