Dolly Parton and the Top Nine.

I did it again. Totally lost track of time and missed the first performance. Brooke White‘s. AGH! Why did it have to be hers’?! Oh well. πŸ˜† I did hear mixed reviews later, some liked it, and the judges didn’t. We’ll see.

So, David Cook was second. He did his own arrangement of “Little Sparrow”. His vocals were, as usual, great. The arrangement-genius! My sister, kattyrae (who doesn’t even like David) thought he was THE BEST of the night! Since I’m a little biased in his favor, that got me rather pumped; and of course, I found it impossible to refrain from a few ”I told you so”‘s.

Randy thought David was “hot”, and showed his ”good range” off well.

Paula said it was ”fantastic”, had ”strength”, and was ”well-rounded”. She also commented positively on his new hair-cut; I liked it better than his last too. Not that that matters much in a vocal competition. πŸ™‚

Simon had to be honest and say it ”wasn’t as good as last week”; but on the other hand, he complimented David with this: “You made a song about sparrows good. Congratulations!”

I just heard that David was rushed to the hospital immediately after the show….apparently he has been battling health problems for a while now. He gave an awesome performance in view of that! I hope he is going to be fine.

After-Post comment: David Cook is, according to The Los Angeles Times released from the hospital with a prescription for medication to lower his anxiety-related high blood pressure and is now back in his hotel room.

Ramiele Malubay has disappointed again; singing-I’m not sure what; I’d never heard this one before, or maybe I just wasn’t paying enough attention. I really loved that she seemed to get more involved with the audience, moving around the stage instead of standing in the one position practically the whole time. I just didn’t think Ramiele was remarkable. And she has the voice to be remarkable; just not coming with it. I don’t believe she’ll last much longer unless she really gets her game on.

Randy “wasn’t jumping up and down” with it, but thought it was fair; giving it ”a 6 & 1/2 out of 10″.

Paula called it a “great minute and 30 seconds; you had fun”.

Simon said it was ”cute”, and that Ramiele “sang it quite well; but very forgettable, and reminiscent of a cruise ship”.

Jason Castro, my fourteen year old brothers’ favorite this year, sang “Travellin’ Through”. I thought he was better than he has been the last few weeks, but my sister and I both noticed his breathing into the mic, it was really distracting. Just a consequence of not using proper vocal technique. I thought the end was…..interesting. I’m still not sure about it, but I think it worked.

Randy said it was “kinda’ cool” and “pretty good…you worked it. I started believing you!” I found myself believing Jason again too after the past three weeks. That’s exciting! πŸ™‚

Paula found it ”confident”; said he ”sounded good”, and that it was one of his “strongest performances” to date.

Simon opened saying he was afraid he was going to lose his pass to Dollywood for saying this, but that he didn’t like it. “If I’d heard you for the first time I just wouldn’t get it.” Simon told Jason.

Carly Smithson sang “Here You Come Again”, and wow, she did it again. She really came into her element; I found myself getting goosebumps listening to her. Kattyrae and I both agreed that she reminds us of such greats as Celine Dion and Barbara Streisand.

Randy predicted Carly’s performance would be the best of the night.

Paula said Carly was ”glorious” (did she mean her voice or how she looked?!), remarked on her ”amazing talent” and ”That voice of yours….oh!” I think overall, Paula was pretty much speechless.

Simon said it was “good; not great” and that “at this stage, everyone is capable, with the right performance, to be great. That wasn’t.” Once again, when it comes to Carly, I disagree with Simon. This reminds me of Katherine McPhee performing Whitney Houston; Simon had some very negative feedback on that one, but Katherine had a hit there.

David Archuletta sang “Smoky Mountain Memories”; this made me want to go home…..which was exactly where I was while watching last night. πŸ™‚ You could feel the emotion, love and longing, the fondness of home in his voice….and it really carried me away. I admit that I am tired of hearing ballads from him, but thought it was a great song choice, and he showcased his vocals and range well.

Randy burst out with “Guess what, baby? David’s back! I stand corrected, THAT was the best performance tonight!”

Paula said David had a ”wonderful orb about you” (whatever she means by that?!), and said he was “glorious”. Was she listening to his voice at all, or was Paula out of the whole thing by this time?

Simon had just one thing to say: “Absolutely on the money”. That sums it up, don’t it? πŸ™‚

Kristy Lee Cook picked a good song for herself with “Coat Of Many Colors”. I thought it was enjoyable, and that her vocals were pretty good. I don’t think she’s as good a vocalist as any of the others in this competition, but she’s managed to pull her unique voice through so far.

Randy said it was “a very nice performance”.

Paula called it a “beautiful performance” and pronounced it Kristy’s “best”.

Simon disagreed with Paula, saying last week was better for Kristy. He termed this week “Pleasant, but forgettable”.

Syesha Mercado sang Whitney Houston’s “I Will Always Love You”. I thought it nice; very sweet, but powerful. She has some very good vocals, but I have to wonder if she bit off more than she could chew last night?

Randy said she “Did pretty good with the biggest tiger of the night”.

Paula commented on her ”velvety tone” and said Syesha was “growing; connecting with the audience”. I hope so.

Simon thought the first half was good; but the second half paled in comparison to the Whitney version. He called the performance “good” but said “it may not have helped you”. I agree with Simon here; if you’re going to try to tackle a Whitney Houston, you better bring it all the way….unfortunately, I don’t think Syesha did this time.

Michael Johns impressed the judges with “It’s All Wrong”. I guess I just didn’t get it or something. I liked his range in the song, but thought it a bad choice for him.

Randy was, as I said, impressed. “You keep bringing it up a notch every week. Nice job.”

Paula was enthused; “You’re a star!” Was she just really tired last night, or what?!

Simon told Michael “this is the best I have heard you sing”. I guess he was impressed too, huh?

I’m going to take the hint from the judges and say that Michael must have pulled a good performance.i


One thought on “Dolly Parton and the Top Nine.”

  1. I really thought Michael Johns did excellent! I didn’t care for the words of the song, but I love the blues sound. I thought the ending was pulled off fantastically. But then, I just love that kind of singing! πŸ™‚

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