An ‘Inspirational Night’

For the first time in two weeks, I caught the whole performance last night. I was expectant of some very good performances; after all, it is Idol Gives Back week. But I must say that, overall, I was disappointed.

Michael Johns was first up, with “Dream On”. I thought overall it was pretty good, but, like Randy mentioned, there were some pitch problems. His falsetto, for me, seemed off a bit. I also agree with Simon, that Michael performs best when he does the ‘bluesy’ feel, rather than the rocker.

Randy said Michael had ‘a pretty good song choice’ but that there were ‘pitch problems’.

Paula ‘couldn’t disagree more’ with Randy, saying it was the ‘perfect song’.

Simon decided to be very nice overall last night, and told Michael that he gave a ‘very good performance’ but that it was just ‘a little bit wanna-a-be-ish’.

Syesha Mercado, in my opinion, gave a stellar performance, again; singing “I Believe”. My first reaction-“This girl has got A Voice!” It was beautiful, calming; it just put my spirit to rest.

Randy must have decided to take Simon’s place as the mean one; He said Syesha had taken on another Tiger, but it was only OK for him. He couldn’t help but compare her to Fantasia. I think this is where Syesha has been making a mistake, she takes on the big-name, big-voice songs, and though she has an incredible voice, she’s constantly setting herself to be measured by the big names and falling just a bit short. But that’s just my personal opinion, not fact.

Paula told Syesha she ‘sang it beautifully’.

Simon said she ‘sang it very well’, but that it lacked the big emotion given it by Fantasia, or something to that effect (I have one of the old, unimproved TV’s, and it kept blinking off during this part).

Jason Castro sang a new version of “Somewhere Over The Rainbow”. I thought, overall, it was very good. He’s slowly improving. The first part wasn’t so good, as I could hear him struggling to breathe. The second half, he seemed to have found it, and it was quite enjoyable from then on; there were some very pretty notes in there.

Randy gave one of two good reviews of the night to Jason, declaring that “Jason is back in the hunt!” and that it was “blazing hot!”.

Paula told Jason he had one of the ‘most definitive voices’ and she ‘loved it’. The version was great too.

Simon, the man of few words, simply declared it “Fantastic”. Way to go, Jason!

Kristy Lee Cook sang one of my favorite songs, “Anyway”. I thought she was quite nice…not outstanding, but she’s managing to hold on to the competition, week by week.

Randy said there were ‘a couple pitch problems. But good’.

Paula told Kristy she ‘outdid yourself. This is your best ever. Excellent’.

Simon thought Kristy had a ‘smart song choice’ and that it was ‘very, very good. You look like a star’.

Thumbs up, Kristy; you got a good review by Simon!

David Cook sang “Innocent”; and scared me a bit. I don’t think he was as bad as the judges said, but he did seem to have his mind in another place, and wasn’t as good as previous weeks. But you have to admit (OK, you don’t, but I do) that he’s been giving stellar performances since “Hello”, so this week may really not have been as bad as it might seem.

Randy told him it ‘wasn’t one of your strongest weeks’.

Paula liked ‘the whole package’; especially the “Give Back” on his palm.

Simon “didn’t like it’; he thought it ‘a bit pompish’ and ‘not near as good as the last two weeks’.

Carly Smithson looked lovely, singing “The Show Must Go On”. I loved her makeup this week, it wasn’t nearly as heavy, and allowed you to see the beauty of her face and eyes. I thought her performance was strong, and disagreed with all the judges; I felt engaged and connected with Carly’s performance.

Randy said it ‘started out good; pitchy in the middle, and ended OK’. He said she had (like Syesha) taken on a big tiger; and the tigers didn’t seem to be working this week.

Paula thought Carly’s voice was ‘pretty perfect’, but she didn’t feel engaged.

Simon gave Carly an ‘unusual song choice’. He also thought she ‘oversang it’ and that, to him, it ‘came over as an angry performance’.

Sometimes I have to wonder if the judges have anything personally against Syesha and Carly….

David Archuletta was charming, as usual, singing “Angels”. I felt refreshed and encouraged. David put a smile on my face (not an easy thing to do these days), and I was ‘wowed’. Sure, there were a few pitch problems in there, but nothing substantial.

Randy gave the only other positive critique of the night, declaring ‘That’s the David I love! Crazy hot!’.

Paula said ‘that sums it up for me. Fantastic’.

And Simon told him it was ‘the best of the night so far. Not your best vocal. A bit nasely.’ But he was ‘just nit-pickin’ here. You’ll sail through.’

Way to go David A!

Brooke White wound up the night with “You’ve Got A Friend”. I thought it was just OK. It lacked the Brooke-persona I’ve grown so fond of over the last couple weeks.

Randy agreed with me, saying it was ‘OK. Not your best’.

Paula told Brooke she was ‘definitive. I love you!’

Simon thought it was like ‘A pleasant walk in the park. It was nice. Original? No. But pleasant? Yes.’

Nice review from Simon there!

I’m sitting on the edge of my seat to see who leaves us this week, and who’ll be back! Biting my nails, too. 🙂

Who I think will be the bottom three? Brooke, Syesha, and Carly; but not based on vocals or performance, just what I think will happen. We’ll see.


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