Mariah Carey Night: The Top Seven

Let me just say that I was shocked, horrified (and every other similar expression), last week when Michael was voted off. He was definitely one of the more talented performers this year; I hope he gets a good record label, and keeps up with the bluesy vocals he does so well.

Mariah Carey
worked with the contestants last night; and it turned out to be a very good one for the guys.

David Archuletta
sang “If You Believe”; the song choice was no shocker, and neither were his vocals, they were stunning as usual. In fact, the song choice, arrangement, vocals, performance, everything was gorgeous!

Randy was pumped; saying, or rather declaring, as is his wont, that David “can sing anything! That was the bomb, baby!”
Paula was moved, stating that David must have “made Mariah proud.”
Simon had some positive things to say as well; including “very, very good. You set the bench mark tonight. I actually know that song very well….you performed and sang it very well.”

David is one of the most talented young singers I have ever seen or heard. This boy will go far even if he is kicked off tonight (now, THAT would be a shocker!). I’m predicting he will be one of the finalists, as I have since nearly the start of this season. I’d be thrilled to be proven right! 🙂

Carly Smithson
sang the song that both Simon and I have been waiting to hear her sing all season; “Without You”. I loved the way she looked; much softer and more feminine. And she actually had sleeves! My sister and I both were thrilled with that.
The arrangement was lovely; but I thought the range was a little low, vocally. I would have liked her to raise it just a half-step. But maybe that’s just me. I did love the restraint she showed at first into the chorus, choosing to ‘surprise’ you with bringing it up several notches.

Randy liked that Carly “challenged” herself, and thought it “cool in the power parts”. But thought the ‘beginning was a little loosy-goosy. It was pretty good, though”.
Paula liked that Carly “showed vocal restraint, and then soared”.
Simon wondered if she could pull this song off, and said he “didn’t think you did.” He believes Carly is still “to wound up; holding yourself in. It was just OK.”

Against my own personal feelings, I think we will see Carly in the bottom three tonight; should she go? I don’t think so.

Syesha Mercado sang “Vanishing”. I loved how she did it; very nice. Her vocals are always great; but I think she has trouble connecting to her audience. That’s going to give her lot’s of trouble.

Randy thought it was the “vocally toughest song of the week” and that Syesha “had a few pitchy moments; but did a good job all things considered”.
Paula loved it, saying that “tonight was unbelievably magical for you”.
Simon said it was “technically very good indeed. Having said that, you run a risk with the song choice”, regarding it being a little known song. That doesn’t quite make sense to me, but hey-He’s in the music industry (being paid for it), and I’m not. 🙂

I think Syesha, vocally, deserves to stay; whether she will or not remains to be seen.

Unfortunately, I missed Brooke White’s performance, again! AGH! So I don’t really have much too say. From the playback, it didn’t sound very good, though. Any thoughts on Brooke appreciated. I do believe she’ll be in the bottom three, if she isn’t in fact the one leaving tonight.

Kristy Lee Cook sang “Forever”; and I thought it was a very good performance, especially from Kristy.

Randy said there “‘were a couple of pitchy notes” but that Kristy has “definitely started stepping up”.

Paula was “blown away. I love most the arrangement-you could have a hit with that one!”.

Simon said it was “smart” and “an advantage”. But “just not great”.

I think Kristy will be there next week. She just keeps getting better and better each week.

David Cook surprised everyone with “Always Be My Baby”; and man, did he surprise! This was genius; of course, I can never say enough about David. I love, love, loved hearing the different sound from him. Another hit!

Randy said that “more than anyone on the show; you are ready to make an album! That was the most brilliant performance yet!” and he gave David his first standing ovation. Wow!

Paula told David “You’re it. You have the whole package. That could be a movie soundtrack.”

Simon thought it “original, daring, stood out by a mile. That’s the sign of a great potential artist, someone who takes risks. Congratulations.”

David was awesome this week! No words left….

Jason Castro ended the night on a song that I don’t know the name of (any fillers-in welcome). But he did a good job. My first impression wasn’t so good, but watching it back, I thought it was pretty good; though his vocal technique is bad.

Randy “didn’t really love it.” and thought “it was weird”.

Paula said she’d like to listen to him all night.

And Simon agreed with Paula; saying “it wasn’t the best vocal, but was identified with you. A cool version.” Simon also said that the guys had completely won the night.

Jason has some kind of irresistible charm, and a unique voice. He’ll be around.


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