Andrew Lloyd Webber works with the Top Six

Well, I wrote out a nice, detailed account of the whole night; only to find that it is now deleted and gone. sigh. I’m too tired to cry about it; but you will have to settle for less than originally intended.

But I will say this; I am officially at war with my TV. It frequently will blank out, or it will drown out the voices with bursts of static. I don’t mind this normally, as I don’t watch much TV (at least, not with the seven channels we get), but I like to see and hear the contestants on my A-I!

I was surprised to see Kristy Lee Cook go last week, as I’ve thought she’s improved steadily each week. Though, I must say, I was very happy to see my Carly ranked the highest among the girls!

Andrew Lloyd Webber worked with the group last night; and I’ve been so excited ever since I found that out weeks ago! This man has some incredible works to his name.

Syesha Mercado started off with “One Rock & Roll Too Many”; and for the first time in a LONG time, this girl picked the right song! I was so proud of her! Syesha belongs on Broadway. She shouldn’t be leaving us tonight, but she might be in the bottom three; just because she doesn’t seem to have as strong a fan base as most of the others.

Randy said something about it being her element (I can’t tell exactly what all he said, as I was having a battle with the TV and only caught slight phrases here and there in between the static roar of the demonic creation!) and that she looked great up there.

Paula told Syesha that she is “really good at this”.

Simon thought it “one of your strongest performances”.

Jason Castro sang “Memories” and my first thought was “Oh, no!”; the second was “this might be neat to hear from a soft-spoken guy for a change”…..I was right on both counts. It was neat to hear it from a different source, but didn’t turn out for the best. There was greatness underlying it, but there it is: it was only underlying it. It wasn’t there. He could be wonderful, but he isn’t. He’s just charming, and I think it’s time for him to go. I’m not sure he will though….he seems to have a pretty strong fan base.

Randy said it was “a little bit of a train-wreck”.

Paula said it “further identifies your uniqueness”.

Simon asked Jason if it had been “the longest two minutes of your life?” and that it was probably his. He also thought Jason sounded “like a young man who is being forced by his parents to sing at a wedding he really doesn’t want to attend”. I think I have to agree with Simon; it wasn’t very good. Though I have heard that Jason was sick; but then both Davids’ have performed while under health problems, and came up to par; Jason didn’t.

Brooke White sang “You Must Love Me”; I thought it touching, and really felt the emotional connection behind it. She did mess up the beginning and started over again; but I thought she handled it well. But all that said, Brooke most likely will be leaving us tonight.

Randy said it “wasn’t great”, but admired that Brooke listened to A.W. “You have to believe what you’re singing”.

Paula was not happy with the performance; reminding Brooke that “you must never start and stop”. But commended her on not over-acting, saying it was “just you”, and commenting on her “emotional strength”.

Simon called it “so dramatic”; told Brooke she “was so tense. You’ll be very disappointed when you watch this back”. But did admit that, had he forgotten the lyrics, he would have done exactly as Brooke.

David Archuletta sang “Think Of Me”; and he did quite a nice job of it. He definitely had the WOW factor, and I rather liked the pop arrangement.

Randy declared him (are you ready? And not the first time) “THE BOMB! This boy’s the one to beat!”.

Paula said it was “absolutely perfect; you took a risk, and were quite able to turn it into a pop ballad”.

Simon thought it “pleasant” but “one of your weakest”. He also said that David would absolutely be through to next week.

Carly Smithson sang “Jesus Christ, Superstar”. For me, personally, I find the lyrics a bit offensive, so it was rather difficult to listen to her vocals. I do think she performed well, sang well; possibly the range was a little too high; I thought the backup vocals were bad. And I did love the way she looked.

Randy said it was “not your best, but definitely good”.

Paula thought “the range was maybe too high, but I loved it”.

Simon said it was “a little bit shouty in the middle”; and that it was “actually one of my favorite performances tonight”. Way to go, Carly!

David Cook ended the night on “Music of the Night”. Again, here; my first thought was, “Oh, no. David’s going to flunk this one!” But I should have had more faith in his abilities. I LOVED it! He conveyed the song so well. I loved seeing this softer side to his vocals. He really can sing anything!

Randy agreed with me, saying “you can sing anything. Amazing vocal performance. Molting hot!” I guess he thought it good, huh? 😆

Paula told David he had “a beautiful instrument” in his voice, and called the performance “Fantastic”.

Simon said it was “not the sound I like; too rounded off”, but that David “made the most of it”.

David C. and David A. are the one’s to beat here! Looking forward to a finale of Davids’!


One thought on “Andrew Lloyd Webber works with the Top Six”

  1. Considering that the votes are being cast by 12-15 year olds, it’s not surpising that Jason Castro made it into the next week. He has one of the weakest instruments and get’s by soley on charm. If this is what middle American considers good, draw an SOS in the sand. Not that I like any one over the other, Carly being voted off is a shame. And Syishas pipes are some of the best. But Simon said it all a few weeks ago when commenting on a David Cook song ” if this show is about talent and not a popularity contest, then you should win this competition.”

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