You Deserve A Longer Post….

“You deserve a longer letter than this; but it is my unhappy fate seldom to treat people so well as they deserve.” Jane Austen, in a letter to her sister, Cassandra.

Well, I thought about updating Handmaidens tonight…but….I don’t really feel like I have anything to share along those lines at this time…so I didn’t.

I’m so happy to have a kitchen sink finally!!! The only problem is…I’m not home. Not using my own computer. Not using my own internet provider. I’m using a totally different computer and internet connection. So that means the faulty(disappearing) kitchen sink is a by-product of my filter. I won’t call it any names tonight. But I dislike it immensely. I hope we get another server soon.

So, I thought I should update my blog while I had the chance. But the only things that come to my mind are so mundane, it would bore you to sleep if I went into detail. Instead, I decided to spare you. You can thank me later.

I missed Cranford tonight…but my brother was going to tape it for me, so maybe I’ll watch it tomorrow evening. A friend called, ecstatic about it; but I made her tell me nothing-actually, I practically threatened her-as I am one of those annoying people who like to actually see the movie without knowing the whole story line, who dies, or what happens at the end. A shocker, I know-I mean, who in their right mind is like that now? Fifteen years ago, perhaps; but now?! Crazy! 😆

Realizing this post is just full of sarcasm…a deadly, and highly contagious disease…I believe that it may be owing to sleep deprivation…another highly contagious, and rapidly spreading in the United States, disease. You see, when in the midst of stage two of SDD (Sleep Deprivation Disease), your mind overcompensates for the lack of rationality by replacing it with ridiculousness…sometimes coupled with sarcasm, for those of us who are already prone to SD (just plain ole’ Sarcasm Disease). This can be an awful thing for others to witness; as you are probably thinking at this very moment.

So, I’ll spare you further rantings, and sign off now. Thanks for listening!


5 thoughts on “You Deserve A Longer Post….”

  1. You mentioned stage two of SDD, saying that ‘your mind overcompensates for the lack of rationality by replacing it with ridiculousness’; I was wondering if you would consider jumping up and down and crying out erratic and contradictory sentences would be in the category of stage two or still in stage one. Also, if you would please give a few details about stage three of SDD so I could diagnosis it. I’m afraid my elder sister might be suffering from stage three and am very worried for her. If you would also give some tips for trying to brake this very hard news to her, I would deeply appreciate it!
    A concerned reader

  2. Dear ‘concerned reader’,
    Stage three of SDD is normally right before stage four…four being the return to rationality. So just keep your head up and hold on; it’s likely that your sister is even now recovered. 😉
    And wasn’t that an awesome evening Tuesday?! Worthy of the greatest display of SDD, coupled with COD (otherwise known and referred to as ‘Caffeine Over-Dose)! 🙂

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