Rock & Roll Theme: American Idol, Top Four

This has been a rather busy week for me…. ‘what’s different about that?’ you ask? Well, this week, it was Tuesday itself that was busy…in addition to Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. I had a funeral to attend in the mid-morning, and a shower to go to in the evening…in between, I had to shop for the shower gift, and try to help some of my siblings find a birthday gift for our brother, who is leaving tonight for a two week trip with a friend. Today, I worked my usual job in the morning-till 1:30; so I worked late today. I then had about an hour to do my downloads on my computer (which you may recall, has been running extremely slow lately). That took all the free time I had this afternoon, till now. So, my synopsis may be shorter than usual, or it may not. I may just end up posting this moments before the show this evening. As if that is entirely unusual. 😆
It was Rock & Roll Theme week….
I also missed the first two performances last night; and dismayed that I had, indeed, missed David Cook’s first song! So, I will not be including sum-up of either his or Syesha’s (considering that, since I didn’t even see them, I couldn’t possibly!). I did think, though, from the ‘flash-backs’ or whatever you want to call them, of the evening, that David Cook did pretty bad, and Syesha’s sounded fun.

Jason Castro chose “I Shot The Sheriff” by Bob Marley as his first song. I really did like that he seemed far more comfortable on stage than we’ve ever seen him. Great job in that, Jason! But….the vocals just were not good.
Randy called it ‘Kareoke’, saying there was ‘nothing special about it. Just was not good.’
Paula said he had ‘never performed to the audience better’ and that his ‘artistry shines through’.
Simon pronounced it ‘utterly atrocious. Like a first round audition massacre!’
Harsh words there; but, at this point in the competition, deserved.

David Archuleta was even more amazing than usual-possibly due to performing right after Jason. He sang “Stand By Me”, and I know many, including myself, wanted to hear him sing this one. We were not disappointed. At least I wasn’t. I thought the vocals, the whole thing, was superb! David showed us he definitely can make smart song choices.
Randy said David put ‘the best vocals on the line. Hot!’
Paula mentioned how she forgets ‘you’re only seventeen! You’re seasoned already.’
Simon called it a ‘very good choice; you struggled a little bit at the end’, but he pronounced it the ‘best performance so far’.
David is so talented, and so very humble-or else he’s a super actor-I’m inclined to believe the former. He should definintely be in the finals.

David Cook came back to start the second round, choosing to sing “Baba O’Rielly” by Who (?; is that really who it’s by? I’d never even heard of this one before!). I have to say, I was apprehensive, guessing from previous comments by the judges that he hadn’t done well. I was quite pleased with how well he did.
Randy said it was ‘more like the David I’ve come to know. Just be you; You’re great.’
Paula ‘just want[s] some more David!’
Simon had but one thing to say: ‘Welcome back, David Cook!’
That was good to hear, from a DC fan! 😆 So glad he pulled it together this time.

Syesha Mercado sang “A Change Has Come” by Sam Cook. I thought it was nice, but thought there might have been slight pitch problems towards the end. On the other hand, it may just have been my awful TV. 🙂
Randy said he ‘loved the first song’, but ‘didn’t love this one’. He ‘didn’t like the arrangment’.
Paula disagreed with Randy, saying Syesha orchestrated her vocals beautifully.
Simon had this to say: “Syesha, I have to be fair, and I’m going to agree with…’(pause for effect) ‘Paula. Randy got it completely wrong; you sang that extremely well.’
Yeah for Syesha!

Jason Castro sang “Mr. Tambourine Man” by Bob Dillon as his second song. I thought it was far better than his last; until he forgot the words. He hummed his way through that ‘till he got back to a place he remembered. My sister and I thought he should at least have sang ‘La-la’.
Randy thought Jason was just ‘not in the zone, tonight’.
Paula said ‘it is what it is. Didn’t blow me away; but you do!’
Simon gave Jason his advice: ‘Go pack your suitcase.’
After last nights’ performances, Jason should be the one leaving. But he has a huge fan base…we’ll see what happens!

David Archuleta finished off the night, singing “Love Me Tender” by Elvis Presley. I couldn’t believe my ears; to me and my sisters, this song is a lullaby…but that’s just the way we think of it. I actually really liked this song when sung by David….Very nice, sweet, sound. But he lost hold of the end a bit…not too bad, though. Especially when coming after Jason’s mis-hap.
Randy called it ‘another great one. Tender; caressed each word.’
Paula said it was ‘one of my favorite performances’.
And Simon had the last word of the night; telling David “You didn’t beat the competition tonight; you crushed it!’
Great one, David! You amaze me!

Let’s all try to be calm tonight, shall we? I am scared, though, that if a certain someone doesn’t go this evening, the fire-breathing dragon within me is going to be unleashed…. 🙂


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