The Semi-Finals; American Idol-Round One

Well, we’re down to it. Next week is the finale. Last night, three contestants performed, and tonight, one of them will be leaving. This happens every year. And usually (at least for me) it’s an unexpected contestant. Elliot Yamin, Melinda DooLittle…the list could go on…but I don’t remember that far back. πŸ˜†
I’m going to run through the night as it happened (as always), so know there’s no discrimination…at least, I try not to show any. πŸ™‚ And since I’m trying to write this in between work and related deadlines, I’ll post each round individually as I complete them. Sorry I didn’t get this up last night; but, if you’ve been reading consistently, you already know that my own computer has been having ‘issues’, and thus I am forced to use my parents…whenever they or one of my six siblings isn’t actually using it. Which was the case last night. πŸ™‚
I think each of the contestants at this stage this year are extremely talented. They all deserve to be here.
Oh, and before I start on my re-cap, I’m going to warn you (said warning may be totally unnecessary, as I’ve never had a nasty comment on here……and hey, I only average about one comment per post anyway! πŸ˜† ); Please do be civil in your commenting. I just got through reading a few other blogs and posts on the subject, and some extremely rude people have really ticked my off with their criticisms and negative comments; half of which seem totally unfounded to start with. The whole thing about David Archuleta and his father just bugs me to death…millions of people making assumptions without being in possession of all the facts. Yes, by some bizarre twist of the mind, it may be true….but that’s only by a long shot. A VERY bizarre twist.
And I’ll also say that I agreed with almost every one of Simon’s thoughts on the contestants. All but one, at which point, I’ll let you know. πŸ™‚

David Archuleta sang Paula Abdul’s choice “And So It Goes”by Billy Joel. Paula said she chose it for him because she thought it ‘would showcase the amazing vocals that you(David) have. It’s a beautiful song that shows the level of difficulty in the melodies that of which I know you can handle. It will totally exploit the beautiful timbre of your voice.”
David said he was ‘excited to sing it. A beautiful song.’
I actually was one of those viewers/hearers who actually liked the a’ccapella beginning. I thought his vocals were very nice; his runs were lovely as always. Those are definitely his signature…he has some of the most gorgeous runs I’ve ever heard in my life.
Randy said his usual phrase of “you can sing anything! You are in it to win! In the zone tonight!” He also went on to say that “Paula chose a dope song for you! The Billy Joel thing works. But I would have loved to see you with the piano.”
Paula said it was a “Pure sounding performance”, called David a “Storyteller”, and summed it up as a “Beautiful performance”.
Simon thought it “Very good. No surprises; a bit predictable”, but said that wasn’t “really a criticism; it was good. But not outstanding.”

Syesha Mercado sang “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alecia Keys, picked by Randy Jackson. He picked it because he said he “Knew that she’s really young, hot, unbelievably talented, in charge; and I had a feeling that she loved Alecia as much as I do. I think this is the kind of record she could do and be very successful with.”
I honestly had to wonder what was he thinking picking that song for her! Was he trying to get her voted off?! It’s a beautiful song, and I thought she did a lovely job of it…but I couldn’t help comparing her to Alecia (one of my favorite artists), and, well….You just don’t want to be compared to somebody else in the music industry. At least, not in that way. You want to stand out; be compared as in “Oh, that girl reminds me of Celine, she has the vocals, everything, to be a big star!” (which has been said of Carly Smithson)…but not compared in the way Syesha was last night….
I do think this was Syesha’s strongest of the night.
Randy said she did an “amazing job”. He thought she was “peaking at the right time in the competition, and that is why you’re standing top three.”
Paula thought it “difficult to sing someone as big as Alecia. But I applaud you for that. And you look stunning!”
Simon said she “sang that very well. I wish Randy had chosen a song were you could try and sound original, and not like a copy of the artist. But you look gorgeous by the way!”

David Cook was fortunate enough to get a song picked by Simon Cowell….or was he unfortunate enough to get it? I was tied in knots all weekend since hearing that David would have to sing β€œThe First Time Ever I Saw Your Face” by Roberta Flack….this song is so not David…but then again, maybe it is….
Simon’s reasons for picking this song: “This is one of THE greatest songs of all time. Unlike Randy, I wanted you to do something different so that you have a chance to show some originality. It’s a very, very, very tough song; but you know what? I think you are going to do well.”
Yes, I was anxious when he started out, but all my fears were totally blown out the door. It was a lovely performance; absolutely no worries. This song now has David Cook written all over it. But then, even if DC were to sing Sesame Street, or the phone book-as Randy says, I would love it and be able to listen to it for hours on end. David’s definitely had me from “Hello”. πŸ˜†
Randy has “loved DC from day one. And I loved the high note there at the end. But I wish Simon hadn’t picked something so predictable.” I think Randy was just trying to get back at Simon here; seemed totally unfounded to me. But what do I know?
Paula shook her head, declaring “It’s not about those two, it’s about you, David! That is one of my favorite songs; and now you’re my second favorite persons which sing it.” That last little bit was just slightly confusing and veiled…to me.
Simon came out with a fairly predictable remark; “This may sound a bit biased, but I think that was actually one of the best performances to date. This is what makes you brilliant, because you take risks, it’s original. Round one goes to Cook and Cowell!”

What do you think? Comments always welcome (so long as they are civil)!


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