A-I Results Show

Oh, man; I am so mad! Why, oh, why do people have to pick others apart?!!! Even on some of the most civil A-I sites they are doing it! Let me re-phrase that; the commenter’s are doing it. Not the blog owners. At least someone knows how to be civil out there.

OK. I just finished reading all of the comments; and they did get better. I feel much better now. 🙂
But I do hate how people are bashing the two David’s. ‘One is great, the other awful!’ It’s been going both ways.
“Dave Cook mumbles; he can’t even sing!” What an obvious exaggeration!
“David A. is a deprived child; he has no personality and isn’t even normal!” I hate to break it to you, but a teen can be sweet and humble AND be normal; take a look at any one of my teen-aged siblings (I have five); all of whom are perfectly normal.

Oh, and I don’t know why everyone seems to think the producers chose a bad song for David A….that song (Longer) was just perfect for him. And if he had chosen a song the producers had chosen for another contestant…the logical course (to me) would be that he would have to pick another song.

I was pleased with the results last night….but there was a sour taste left in my mouth; due to the treatment of Syesha the night before. She really did a great job; personally I think her vocals were better than David A’s, and perhaps even DC’s.
Overall, I think the other two are better vocalists; and DC is definitely one of the most talented artists/musicians/arrangers I’ve ever seen/heard. The David’s just seemed to have a bit of an off night.

And Fantasia. All I can say is that Simon’s face completely summed up everything I felt. And I’m not a Fantasia hater. I actually have enjoyed her every other time I’ve seen her. Last night was just….unexplainable.


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