Two People

“One person can have a profound effect on another. And two people…well, two people can work miracles. They can change a whole town. They can change the world.” Diane Frolov and Andrew Schneider.

I just found this to be an interesting quote…one worth pondering. Is this why (OK, only one reason why; I know there are many more) we long to be not just “one person” but “two”? To work miracles, change a town, and potentially, change the world?
Not to focus too much on “two people”; so to be that “one person” who “can have a profound effect on another”. What a joy! And a blessing if you make it.
Have you stopped to think what kind of effect you’re having on another? Is it the sort of effect that draws them up, to make you and/or them people who can change the world, for the better? Or do you lessen them, tear them down; and make your mark on the world as one who changes the world-tearing it down and making it less than what it was created to be?
Think about it.


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