School, Simplicity, and Writers Unbound

Well, my apologies for the lack of entries lately…I have been completely busy trying to figure out my fall schedule.

So now, I am registered for 12 credit hours of classes this fall-will probably drop it down to 9; just so I will actually have time to do the millions of other things that have to be on my schedule. I’m so relieved in some ways…in others, well, the pressure’s not off yet.

I’m wishing for simplicity. You know, that good o’le thing that makes life so sweet. And also seems so unattainable.

When I get in one of these ‘simplistic’ moods, I absolutely love checking out whatever Annie‘s been writing on the subject; it’s usually just the thing! It also gives you something to look at on days like today, as you come expecting something good and end up with a little entry like this!


One thought on “School, Simplicity, and Writers Unbound”

  1. Hey!
    Found you! Congrats on getting the new site. It’s great to have your own domain name, not to mention useful. 🙂
    Did I tell you I just started a new job?
    Hmmm… I’ll have to write about it in a blog post.
    Talk to ya later,

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