I’m Insane, I’m Sure; & Generosity Dictated

I’ve been staring at this screen for an indefinite amount of time, thinking that if I stare long and hard enough, whatever I want on here will write itself. Hasn’t happened so far; maybe it’s time I took some action.

You know that thing about simplicity? Nah, I don’t need it. I love having my life swirl around as if in a hurricane! And remember that other thing about only 9 hours of school? Who wants 9 when you can have 12?! I’m insane.

I feel the need for a little Jane Austen, just to keep things in perspective. 🙂

“As I do not choose to have generosity dictated to me, I shall not resolve on giving my cabinet to Anna till the first thought of it has been my own.” Jane Austen, in a letter to her sister, Cassandra.


One thought on “I’m Insane, I’m Sure; & Generosity Dictated”

  1. My dear girl, I had no idea your condition was so serious! I shall send my doctor over immediately. Or perhaps if there is any chocolate near by, and you act quick enough, you might be able to stave off any further “attacks”.
    As our dear Jane writes:
    “Where health is at stake nothing else should be considered.”

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