David Archuleta’s New Single; “Crush”.

Comparing “Time of My Life” and “Crush” as singles.

I don’t know why I’m writing this. Millions have already expressed their opinions on David’s new single; and millions more couldn’t care less. But here I am, nonetheless, to give my belated thoughts.

By all means, Archie has me hooked. I love the kid, I really do. He has incredible vocal talent, and great prospects. But one thing has me wondering. His single peaked at #2 on the charts, while A-I finalist, David Cook’s single peaked at #3. Does this once and for all prove that DC’s winning was just a fluke? That indeed Archie is a far more talented and popular young man?

I’m not so sure. Look at the singles; the actual songs, if you will. Who wrote “The Time of My Life”? Who wrote “Crush”?

“T.T.M.L.” was written by a previously unheard-of songwriter, whereas “Crush”…well, I’m not sure who wrote “Crush”. But I assume that it was someone who’d had experience in this line (writing songs) already. Come on, would they really have stuck Archie with an amateur?!

My theory is this; the song (Crush) itself appeals to a wide range of audiences, and when coupled with Archie’s voice (which, by the way, this song was written expressly for); what you end up with is magic.

Take another look at DC’s single….”T.T.M.L” wasn’t written for DC…it had to be written for any number of potential finalists. So, we could say that it may not be the best match for his voice. Already, with that reasoning, Archie’s single should be above DC’s.

Another thing; all the hype that DC got about his single was…well, it was only from winning A-I. So, yeah, that could be a lot. Or not.

Personally, I didn’t know about DC’s release till I was surfing through i-tunes one day; and believe me, the die-hard David Cook fan that I am not to know beforehand…well, I’m not sure how that was accomplished.

Archie’s single, on the other hand…I knew of his upcoming release weeks in advance. I wasn’t even looking for any news of it; the coverage was everywhere.

Honestly, it would seem, all things considered, that Archie’s would come out ahead. But does this mean he is a better artist?

I’m waiting till their albums come out to pronounce anything final. Come November, maybe the debate will be settled. Or maybe it won’t. Some things never are, you know. 🙂

Until then, share your thoughts here! I welcome comments and interaction.

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As of today, David Archuleta’s album is scheduled for release on the 11th of November. David Cook’s is set for three days later, on the 14th. Here’s hoping they don’t push the release dates back. I can’t wait to get these albums in my collection; I’ve already pre-ordered them!


5 thoughts on “David Archuleta’s New Single; “Crush”.”

  1. David has a fresh appeal and a talent that cannot be denied. I have been impressed with his growth as a person, and as an artist since his first Idol appearance. It’s good to see someone so young be given an opportunity to realize their dreams, and to have him be as down to earth, humble and as appreciative as his fans are of the success he’s attained. I look forward to buying his album, keeping tabs on his career, and getting to see him perform as a solo artist. WELL DONE David on a great year of surprises and successes – and here’s to many more of the same!

  2. DAFan,
    He certainly does!

    He also has a very level head for one so young; that will serve him well in his chosen career.

    I enjoyed watching him grow as an artist through the entire season; and like you, look forward to watching him continue to grow. He’s off to a great start!

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