After Nearly a Two Month Break From the Blogosphere…

Just when I thought “Can this day get ANY worse?!!” I saw IT. And promptly screamed.

But let me back up a bit….

The day started out like nearly any other day. It turned drastically different when I checked my bank account and found a big withdrawal that I hadn’t authorized. Of course, I was very concerned about that and went straight-away to the bank to straighten the whole thing out.

Found out that a major chunk of what little money I have is going to be frozen for some time…lovely (and here I must say this with a smile-the only way to stay sane).

So that threw most of my day of majorly. I remembered on my way into town that I was supposed to be at that very moment on my way to meet a friend for a bible study we had arranged the week previous. I called my friend and got our meeting postponed till noon. After finding out what I could do about the unauthorized withdrawal (not much at the moment), and afore-mentioned study with friend, I went to work till five. Along in the afternoon (yes, while I was working; trying to at any rate) we ran into some trouble with one of the new calves just born that morning…and wouldn’t you know it, none of the men in the family were home at the time. So that meant I had to go try to fix it…finally had to make an emergency call to my brothers to come out and get things back to normal-by the way, interrupting their day-and was able to get back to work.

Needless to say, by the time five o’clock rolled around, I was exhausted and ready for bed. But it was not to be. I walked into the kitchen to get something to drink-preferably something loaded with caffeine- and noticed my mental kitty staring intently at the bread basket. I wondered at this, but hey, the cat’s lost something inside that head already, and I went on about my business. Next thing I knew, I heard a rustling in the basket. I looked over, and, yes, saw a mouse tail hanging out. I totally lost it at that point.

I got every cat and dog we own inside that kitchen trying to catch that mouse…but none of the animals seemed very obliging…and we lost the mouse. All the bread was tossed out…and my poor, mental Smoky is still staring intently at the now empty bread basket and the hole beneath the dishwasher which allowed the mouse an escape.


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