American Idol Returns with Yet Another Drama Filled Season

So, another season of American Idol has begun. And with it, all the drama that we’ve come to expect. I must admit…I got really tired of it. The drama that is. And I grew embarrassed for some of the contestants. And the judges. Each had their moments.

As usual, there were some people there that I had to wonder about…were they for real?
But there was some real talent shown tonight as well. I wish I had payed closer attention to the names that came through. The rocker girl at the very beginning? Yeah, she really stood out. And two of the guys were rather good…I think they were some of the younger ones. That girl, Stevie Wright, has potential. Oh, and I really liked Brianna. Her voice was pretty fair, especially on “Killing Me Softly”, but over everything, it was just so hard not to like her! Her personality and honesty completely won me over! 🙂 Then there was that sixteen year old (Arianna was it?) who reminded me of Jordin Sparks…I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…probably because she’s the same age Jordin was when we first met her. And then there was the nice fellow from Texas (you got me there!)…I rather liked his voice.
But the cap goes off to Scott. He truly is an amazing and talented young man. He should go very far indeed in this competition.

Anyway, we’ve entered a new season. A season that will last till mid-May. A season that will bring heartache and joy to not a few people. And a season that is supposed to be more challenging to the contestants than any before.

See you tomorrow night.


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