Kansas City Auditions

I felt just about dead after all the D-R-A-M-A tonight. I don’t blame folks for getting emotional over not getting in-hey, that’s probably what I’d be doing. But pleeeaaassseee camera dudes! Get out of their faces and leave them be!

I missed some of the first couple auditions, but here are my favs….

Von Smith has a good voice…but he seemed like he was pushing for it too much. He can get better, and I look forward to seeing that in Hollywood, hopefully.

Micheal Castro?! What! This is Jason’s kid brother?! Wow! I like this dude. He is definitely a Castro, but his own individual. This should be fun.

The welder guy-Matt Breitzke was it? He has a nice voice, but needs a lot more something…probably support and technique.

OK, I absolutely LOVED Jessica Furney. This girl is so sweet, and really has a great voice. Of course, she could be better, and she’ll learn. I can’t wait to see what she does.

Jamar and Danny…This friendship really touched me. Jamar was only so-so for me, but Danny? He’s in my top now. Aside from the very sad facts of what he’s been through the past few months; he has a fabulous voice. Oh, I am SOOOO excited to see him grow and develop!

Anoop…Is that a name? I don’t even know if I’m spelling it right….He stood out, but I’m not sure if that was a positive thing or not….

Asa Barnes; his daughter is so cute! 🙂 And he also had some nice vocals.

And Lil Rounds reminded me somewhat of Melinda Doolittle. She has a good voice, which is always helped out by appearing very sweet and humble.

One thing I got to say; I mean what’s-his-name? The dream guy…Dennis? I have to agree with Simon there. Dream-dude totally talked the judges into letting him go on…and personally, I find that very distasteful in an individual. But he’s on to Hollywood. Let’s see if he can make good his promise.

Honestly, I’m not sure I can sit through the auditions next week. I alternately wanted to pull my hair out, scream, and wished I could sink through the floor in embarrasment for/at the contestants. Is it just for the few seconds of TV “fame” that they do these crazy things? Really….I’m still shaking my head.

Well, next Tuesday then.


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