San Francisco Auditions

San Francisco….I didn’t see a lot of talent tonight…but a few memorable moments;

First up was Tatiana Del Torro….she had an OK voice…but was really annoying.

Jesus’ Valenzula had some nice vocals…and you just had to love those kids of his! I really did like his voice, I just think that he needs to find a style that goes with it–his musical groove.

The top vocalist we saw tonight has to be Adam Lambert. This guy has a great voice. I really, really liked it. True, he does seem a bit theatrical, but I’m excited to see where he goes. Adam should be a major contender in this competition.

I also was impressed by Kai Kalama. Sure, he could learn a lot, but this guy’s got heart. He’s got good, solid vocals, and now just needs to learn to use them well. I’ll be watching for him.

Overall, tonight was pretty uneventful…but who knows what talent will show up in Hollywood!


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