Louisville Kentucky Auditions

Well, we now have Louisville behind us….there were a LOT of people who showed up….and not so many who got through to Hollywood.

Here are those who were noteworthy.

Joanna Pacitti-23 years old-had a very nice voice. I was impressed as well as the judges.

Brent Keith Smith was surprising; his voice is very different, but I believe I like him.

Matt Giraud…I wrote him down as noteworthy…but I can’t for the life of me remember him now. Oh, well.

Alexis…I thought she had something there, but she should tone it down a bit…just my opinion.

Aaron Williamson. He didn’t make it through, but he deserves a remark. Very nice young man, he really did brighten up the day. He, Paula, and Kara had a shout fest going on there. 🙂

Getting towards the end of the hour, I wanted to cry out “Can we just dispense with the drama?!!!” No, impossible. It went on.

But one more outstanding individual caught some attention before the conclusion: 18 year old Leneshe Young. Very nice vocals, and her original song was quite something as well.

Keep your eyes out for these individuals as we enter rougher waters…and see you tomorrow at Jacksonville, Florida.


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