The First 12

First, I’ve just been informed that Joanna Pacitti has been replaced by Felicia Barton. Don’t want to get into the gossip, so that’s all you’re getting from me on the subject. 🙂

Here are the first 12 contestants to perform next week…and may I add how much I dislike what I’ve heard about the new format this year. Though honestly, I haven’t seen anything yet, it may be good after all. We’ll see.

In alphabetical order: Ann Marie Boskovich; Ricky Braddy; Casey Carlson; Tatiana Del Toro; Anoop Desai; Stephen Fowler; Danny Gokey; Alexis Grace; Brent Keith; Michael Sarver; Jackie Tohn; and Stevie Wright.

There are some extremely talented individuals in this group…next week is going to be a tough one. From what I understand three will be picked to progress to the top 12. The guy with the most votes; the girl with the most votes; and then the 2nd top vote getter (either guy or girl). I think then that one other will be up for the wildcard pick.

Taking into account voices, popularity, and air time (practically the same as popularity, but not quite), here are my likely candidates:
Anoop and Danny; one of these two are definitely going to get the top guy vote…and probably the second vote as well.
Up for the girls…it’s harder…but, I’m going to say either Anne Marie or Alexis…though I personally really LOVE Stevie and hope she makes it.
Wildcard…that’s anyone’s guess…but mine; oh, let’s just say either Anne Marie, Alexis, or Stevie. I think Michael and Brent are very good and I like them, but I think they are going to be pulling each others’ votes.

Honestly, one really can’t say for certain who is going to be going on to the top 12…after all, they haven’t even performed yet!! I’m quite nervous for this group, and am having a difficult time understanding why they put most of the best singers in one group….

We’ll see next week.


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