Week One Results Show

The twelve opened the show by singing Jason Mraz’s “I’m Yours”. It was fun and fancifree. Some of the ones who had some trouble last night looked much more comfortable on stage.

Here come the results.

First up is Casey. And she will be leaving the competition.
Next, we have Stephen…..and…..he also will be leaving us. I like his humor though–“Picked the wrong song…as long as you can’t say I sound bad!” 🙂 That’s true.
Alexis Grace is now on stage…I think she’s going to be staying, but….as they run over last nights performance we are all waiting to hear the result. Alexis will be staying on!! Congratulations, girl! And she gets to sing again. She deserves this place.

Now we have Jackie and Ricky standing on stage….I’m feeling extremely nervous–WHAT!!! Ricky is not in the top? He’s got to be excepted into the wild card stage. I can’t believe this…
Jackie isn’t in the top either.

Up next is Anoop and Michael. Oh my! I can’t believe this; Michael is going on and Anoop isn’t?! Ricky didn’t?! I really like Michael, and I’m glad he has this chance; but somehow I feel bad about this result.

What a wonderful surprise!! Carly Smithson and Michael Johns appear to perform “The Letter”. Wonderful to see these favorites from last season again.

Now we have Ann Marie, Brent, and Stevie. None of these will be continuing on tonight.

Last to come up is Danny and Tatiana. Nerves are at an all time high…and of course we have to wait till ‘after the break’. Both of these sang extremely well last night…Personally, I think it should be Danny moving on–but I think Tatiana deserves a wild card chance. Oh, oh, oh please, commercials end!!! We have nine minutes left, and the commercials drag on and on.
Finally, we are back–wait, no. False alarm; it’s only more commercials!! Agh, I want to scream!!
Now we are back. Tatiana and Danny are waiting for the verdict. And Danny is going on!! I’m so happy for him. But Tatiana really does deserve another chance; she has an amazing voice.

Next week is a whole new group. I’ll get that list posted soon.

For now, Alexis Grace, Michael Sarver, and Danny Gokey will be in the Top Twelve. Congratulations, guys!


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