The Second Group of Twelve Will Be…

The next group of twelve to perform (Wednesday night-not Tuesday) consists of

Adam Lambert
Allison Iraheto
Jasmine Murray (go girl!)
Jesse Langseth
Kai Kalama
Jeanine Vailes (I think)
Matt Brietzke
Matt Giraud
Nick Mitchell
Megan Corkrey
Felicia Barton
Kris Allen (I remember liking him)
and Mishavonna Henson

I hope it will not be every Wednesday/Thursday from now on…bad timing. As far as this group is concerned; some good singers in here. Though this group isn’t quite as tight as last weeks. It’ll be close to call…so I’m not yet. 🙂 I’ll wait till I actually hear them.

Check back here Wednesday at/around 8/7c as I hope to post in real time for you to follow along with. I will also open a poll to see who’s the popular pick for the top three!


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