Favorite Performances from Week Two

Here are my favorite performances from tonight’s show. Sorry to all you Lambert fans out there, but Adam did not make it in my list.

Kris was my favorite…no idea if he’ll make it to the top 12 or not…based on tonights performances, I think he deserves a spot there…we’ll see.

Allison made it second place in my book. For only sixteen years of age, this girl has got some pipes!

And lastly, Jesse Langseth. I love her bluesy-jazz tone!

Other than these three, I really didn’t enjoy tonight’s show. But I have to include Jasmine Murray ’cause she’s my local girl! 🙂

I guess I do have to say that I enjoyed Mishavonna Henson as well…but I thought four video’s were quite enough.
So saying, these are not my top predictions from tonight…just those that I personally enjoyed best. 🙂 As I said in a previous post, I believe the top male spot will be taken by Adam Lambert…the top female space will be in Allison Iraheta’s hands…and I’m hoping that Kris Allen will make the third slot. We’ll see tomorrow night.

Video’s by Lenny Limbo.com and qwaszx.org


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