Top Three for Week Three & Wild Card Round Picks

Well, here we are. Tonight we find out the final three to move up into the Top Twelve. Well, the final three voted in.

They opened the show with Katy Perry’s “Hot N Cold”. Not my favorite group song they could have done. I thought they did a tremendous job with the choreography though. That’s a hard thing to do when you can’t see; and they arranged it perfectly so that you hardly realized that they had that issue.

As always, they recapped last night, and I thought they were unjust with a few of the contestants.

Here come the results.

First up, we have Lil. And she’s safe as completely expected!! Plus, we get to listen to her all over again. This gal really does have a tremendous talent in her voice.

Next; Arianna, Taylor, Kendal, Alex, and Scott are called to stand, and only one is through to the top. Of course we are left hanging till after the commercial break. Has to happen sometime, and Fox figures you’re more likely to return (or possibly even sit through the commercials) if you have the great incentive to return such as hearing who the next contestant to progress is. 🙂

We are back after the commercial break. Arianna is not in the top twelve. Taylor (are they going to do each one individually?) also is told to sit back down. Alex is next, and is also not in the top. He made the comment that he’d rather lose being himself, and he’s happy with what he decided.
Now we’re down to Kendall and Scott. Kendall will be leaving us; Scott will progress on. So happy for him; I think this is the right decision. No, he is not great, but he is quite good. He has great tone to his voice, and he knows how to work it well-better, in fact, than many we’ve heard in the last couple of weeks. We will definitely see this young man grow in the coming weeks.

More results. Kristen and Nathaniel stand up. My gut tells me that they’re both leaving, standing up so soon by themselves. And I was right.

Taylor and Von are next. And I’m not happy to see him up there right now. Not a good start. Both are given no’s. I’m really dissapointed here.

Now it’s down to Ju’Not and Jorge. I’m going to call it early and say that Ju’Not is the final contestant tonight. But we’ll have to wait till ‘after the commercial break. Not really. And, here I am wrong; Jorge is actually the final contestant.

I guess we don’t get to listen to Jorge again tonight. But we will find out who are the Wild Card Round picks for tomorrow’s show. Yeah! At long last!

My hopes are in Ricky Braddy, Von Smith, Kristen McNamara, Jasmine Murray, Anoop Desai, Jesse Langseth, Tatiana Del Toro, and Ann Marie Boskovich. We’ll see though.

We are told that there will only be eight performing tomorrow night…follows the information that I’ve been able to glean.

Randy reveals one first; and that is Von Smith!!! Yeah, I’m so excited! Very happy about this.

Now Kara reveals one. Jasmine Murray!! The hometown girl! Glad she gets another chance.

Paula announces the decision to bring back Ricky Braddy. Great choice!

So far, so good. Three of my personal picks are through to tomorrow night.

Simon is next; he calls Megan Corkrey. I know a lot of people will be happy with this choice; I just can’t help feeling that there are a few others that deserve the chance just a little more. But I am happy for this girl.

Four more will join the four on the couch. The first one to join them is…..Tatiana Del Toro. I think that she really deserves this chance; Tatiana is an amazing vocalist. She does need to learn to restrain the emotional theatrics a bit first.
Next, Matt Giraud joins the group.
Jesse Langseth also gets to perform tomorrow night.

Only one more spot left. And it’s given to Anoop Desai.

Overall, a good group for tomorrow night. Very dissapointed that we will not see more of Kristen McNamara-I really like that girl and her incredible range.

And…we do get to hear Jorge again; he closes out the show.

So now; all the mysteries of the Wild Card Round are laid open for all to see. It’s going to be another tough night; these last eight are really going to have to fight for the last three spots open. Bring it on.


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