Wild Card Night

Here it is, the long awaited Wild Card Round.

Jesse Langseth has the unfortunate position of going first. She’s singing…I didn’t catch it, actually. I like Jesse a lot, but I don’t think she’s got what it takes to move on here.
Randy didn’t think she sung it that well.
Kara likes Jesse’ swagger though, declaring she was “not the same girl in the little packages”.
Paula is impressed with Jesse’ tenacity and determination.
Simon told Jesse that she was totally a last minute pick when selected for the wild card round, and said he was glad they did pick her. “You were a lot better than the last time you performed. Possibly the wrong song though”.

Matt Giraud has the second slot in the night. Singing “Who’s Loving You”, Matt showed some smarts in picking something with a little more soul than last time. Unfortunately, it sounds kareoke to me.
Kara was wowed, welcoming back the “bluesy soulful Matt. You can riff amazingly. Great vocal!”
Paula thought it the right zone for Matt. “Don’t go against what you’re great at. Amazing job. No doubt America is loving you right now”.
Simon thought it a million times better than Matt’s last. Unfortunately, Simon thought he saw bits of Taylor Hicks coming back. And not in a good way.
Randy thought Matt sang to give competition and everyone else a run for their money.
Apparently, I was out-voted on this one.

Megan Joy Corkrey chose to sing “Black Horse & the Cherry Tree”. Her dancing is a slight improvement over the last time.
Paula thought she picked the right song.
Simon always liked her and still does. “You are current. You’ve got originality”.
Randy thought it wasn’t the best vocal ever heard. But it was the right song choice.
Kara thinks that Megan is needed this year in the competition; “You give variety to what’s already out there”.

Von Smith is next. My boy picked “Sorry Seems To Be The Hardest Word”. He sounds breathy tonight; could it be the nerves? I think this wasn’t a good song choice for him.
Simon said he “love’s that song, but it didn’t start very well. You’re beginning to become a bit boring. A bit too serious. It sounded quite ordinary”.
Randy thought the pitch was a little off at the beginning and wasn’t crazy about the song.
Kara told Von “You do have great vocal ability. You just haven’t dialed it in yet”.
Paula gave this advice; “When you are too concerned about the technical stuff, you aren’t letting the essence of Von out. Forget about that other stuff and just sing. You really are a brilliant singer”.

Jasmine Murray is singing “Reflection”. This girl really does have a great voice. She is using this second opportunity very well. Great talent, great job.
Randy thought it 100% better than her last performance.
Kara said she “didn’t know you even had that big a voice. Wow. You have this voice that just came out of nowhere”.
Paula thought Jasmine was very determined, saying she did a “wonderful job”.
Simon thinks Paula did not give enough credit. “Very brave song choice. Compared to what we heard before, huge improvement. You just put yourself back in the running”.

Ricky Braddy comes to the stage with “Superstition”. I was surprised to say the least. This wasn’t the Ricky I thought I knew. Still a great vocal. So no complaints there. Ricky is just showing that there are many sides to this fellow that we haven’t seen yet.
Kara wouldn’t have picked that song, but thought Ricky held his own. “Good job”.
Paula said Ricky nailed the song, but was also surprised by the song choice.
Simon said the song was a bit kareoke and lightweight, “you didn’t really make the impression you could have”. But Simon did say he thought Ricky had some chops.
Randy thought the song a bit indulgent. But a good vocal.

Tatiana Del Toro is singing “Saving All My Love For You”…again? Really and truly, this girl has an amazing voice. But couldn’t she come up with a new song like all the others? No denying, she is wonderful performer and vocalist.
Paula is not a huge fan of people who repeat songs, she said. “It started a little shaky, but you then went into your power voice. Good vocal”.
Simon why she didn’t perform a new song.
Randy thought it started off really rough. “There were some good moments and not so good moments”.
And Kara didn’t get a chance to share any thing due to Simon.

Anoop Desai is closing the show, singing “My Perogative”. The start was pretty bad. But he did pull it up a few notches as he went.
Simon thought this night’s been a very strange one. “You’re not the best singer but you have a huge likability factor. You have a lot of personality to compete with but that was the Anoop we liked”.
Randy thought he did better this time than the last Anoop performed this.
Kara called it the “best you ever did! I wanted to get up and dance and I don’t do that”.
Puala called Anoop “quite the show man. Every one loved that performance. You stayed relevent. Glad you went back and did this song  because it was better than Hollywood”.

Now we are into the results.

Jasmine is up first. And welcomed into the top twelve! Congratulations, girl! So proud of you!!!!! 🙂
Ricky is next. Apparently, he did not “show enough”. He doesn’t get to continue, and I’m so dissapointed. This guy truly is one of the best vocalist’s we’ve seen.
Megan and Tatiana are the next two up. Megan will be continuing on the show. Tatiana will be going home. Paula had some warm farewell words for Tatiana.

We now have four more contestants waiting to hear, and only one spot left open. I wish it could be Von continuing, but I’m afraid it’s going to be Anoop; popularity and likability factors here.

More results. Jesse is up. We are told that she nearly made it into the top, but didn’t. I think that made her fairly happy…but hard at the same time to miss it by that little.
Von is next…and is told he was enjoyable. But he didn’t make it through.
Matt and Anoop come up for the final spot. And it’s Matt that takes the last spot.
But, for Anoop, Simon tells us, they made the decision to make this years format, a top 13!!! That’s amazing! I’m sure he’s ecstatic! They’re both in!! Wow…this is a first ever.

Well, I’m not completely happy with the top 13…but baring those few (Von Smith, Ricky Braddy, Tatiana Del Toro, Jesse Langseth & Kristen McNamara–all either really deserved a spot, or are just some of my favorites), I think this is a great group. I’m excited to see them progress through the next couple of weeks. I only hate that we hardly know any of them following the new top 36 format this year…these guys will all have to really wow and bring everything to the stage, but I’m confident that many will rise to the occasion; showing us all why they should be in this competition.


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