Summary of The Top Thirteen-Michael Jackson Night

It’s Michael Jackson night…I have to say I was less than thrilled with this choice. But there’s nothing I can do about it. The unfortunate fact that two of the contestants will be leaving tomorrow night is revealed. Tough…

I am unable to offer you the live summary of the night. My youngest brothers’ birthday celebration was this evening, and I also have to work on top of that. Adding a live summary was just too much to attempt tonight. But I do hope to get back to the live posts tomorrow night.

Lil Rounds starts the night with “The Way You Make Me Feel”, and I have to say that this is one I could see her singing easily even before I heard her choice. That being said…I’m not wowed by her performance tonight. At least not yet. As she gets more comfortable on stage, she loosens up and turns up the quality. She definitely has the makings of a star.

Randy declared this was “the way we kick off season 8!” He loved the new spin Lil put on the song.
Kara thought that after watching Lil, everyone else had to be thinking “oh-oh”. She also said she hopes  “we get to hear you on the radio cause you are great. And that end note! That was great!”
Paula called Lil a “force to  be reckoned with”; saying her falsetto was beautiful and comparing it to angels.
Simon thought it was good but was disappointed in that he thought it was a bit of a lazy song choice. He also thought the second half was better than the first half.

Scott MacIntyre chose“Keep the Faith”. I love that he chose to play the piano tonight. Honestly, there were some bad moments amid the good. But I really admire this guy. Picked a good song for himself though.

Kara brought up the fact that Scott just learned this song on the piano this week. Great job there, Scott! Kara said it was not an obvious Michael Jackson song. But loved the hopeful message that Scott delivered. “You stay true to yourself every week”.
Paula said that when Scott has an instrument at his fingertips it’s a beautiful thing; saying he was in his comfort zone.
Simon hated the song. “Nobody knows this song. It’s fine to be artistic but not on this show.” What about last year? Said it was a good thing when it was David Cook or Brooke White being artistic; what’s with the inconsistency? Simon said he liked Scott, calling him a good singer, but Simon just didn’t like the song.
Randy, unlike Simon, liked the song. But thought it was just all very safe. “Want to see more sparks from you cause I know you got them”.

Danny Gokey picked “PYT”; and he came out showing us why he’s already so popular. I love the husky timbre of his voice. His dancing skills leave something to be desired, but his vocals more than make up for that. I could really identify with what he said, though, about not knowing quite how to put the dancing and singing together. I also have the awesome and humbling opportunity of helping to lead my fellow church members into worship on Sunday’s; so am familiar with singing in front of people. But you don’t dance and sing like you would on American Idol during morning worship. I look forward to seeing Danny overcome this obstacle.

Paula said that the true mark of an artist is when you can hear somebody even with your eyes closed and know who they are. “You” she told Danny, “are like that”.
Simon thought the vocals were brilliant. “You are one heck of a singer; a white guy with soul”. But Simon called the dancing hideous, “maybe because you were over excited?” But overall, Simon said he really, really liked Danny tonight; calling his performance terrific and well done.
Randy said he’s always looking to see a different side of Danny. “You just got it”, he told Danny. “Loved it all, the dancing and the singing!”
Kara loved the undeniable joy radiating from Danny. “You have joy when you step on stage. You’re just joyous, and I love that!”

Michael Sarver is singing “You’re Not Alone” tonight. I can’t comment as much because my sisters’ dog decided to come over and sneeze on me. That freaked me out and I missed some of Michael’s performance. But it was good. The problem is, all of these contestants this year are good. You really have to be great and stand out to make it in this competition. I really liked Michael, but it didn’t stand out for me tonight.

Simon said the obvious, “You are not the best singer in this competition. But you made up for it with passion, heart, and you gave it 110%!” I’d take that!
Randy loved Michael’s return to the R&B swagger tonight. He called it “one of the best so far”.
Kara thought that tonight Michael showed everyone that he really can sing. “You are serious and bring your game every time you step on stage”.
Paula knows Michael has so much going for him, calling him a very “likeable, ordinary guy with extraodinary talent. You colored this song up, did really well tonight”.

Jasmine Murray is up next. Her video was so sweet, and that kid so cute! She chose “I’ll Be There”, and this is exactly what I’d hoped she’d sing!! Her performance was terrific, vocally, but just a bit boring. She may be in a bit of trouble.

Randy was impressed, saying it was a tough song to sing. But he called it a “pretty good” performance.
Kara said she was surprised too. “You hit some of these notes and I was like Whoa! Great stage presence. You sold it!”
Paula thought Jasmine showed tremendous composure and pose on stage; saying there were some bright moments to her performance. But there were also some times that she was under.
Simon said there was not much more that he could add. “It was a little bit robotic at times. You should start acting your age”. I don’t get this; when the girls have big voices, they get upset with them for not picking songs to showcase that, but then they get upset for them not acting young enough! Agh!

Kris Allen chose “Remember the Time”. I was so excited to hear he will be performing with his guitar. A bit too breathy, I think, in places. This wasn’t up to par with what Kris is capable of. But it was fun! And I enjoyed it. He’s like majic behind that guitar of his, and would be a very good current artist.

Kara echoed my sentiments, saying she was happy to see him with the guitar. “It really helps you performance-wise. Few notes were a little off”. Ahh, and she also shares that Kris spent a lot of his time helping out the other contestants! Now that is worthy of a number of calls!! I think it’s so easy to get lost in the hustle of trying to come out ahead of everyone else in this competition; and it’s so refreshing to see one of them put others before his own chances of doing well in the competition!
Paula called Kris engaging and adorable. “I love you too! Congratulations; great, great job!”
Simon thought it was interesting. The song Simon was not sure suited the guitar, so that made it a little strange. “But you were good; that’s what matters”.
Randy said he thought it suited Kris.

Allison Iraheta follows with…I missed it. As enjoyable as it is to watch with mom and sisters, they always seem to talk just when I need to hear something that was said on TV. But Allison is definitely coming out strong as the Rocker girl in this season. I thought that her vocals were a bit strained tonight, though.

Paula said the 16 year old was mind boggling. “You’re like a rock star and look like you’ve been doing this since you were 2! Keep doing what you’re doing. Stay authentic and true to who you are”.
Simon called it a good performance. “We know who you are. Lighten up a bit. But very good”.
Randy said if you’ve got it you’ve got it; calling her “one to watch in this competition”.
Kara told Allison to “keep being the rocker girl. When you go up high, that’s ridiculous!”

We’re in a commercial break. So far, my favorites have been Danny, Kris, Lil, and Jasmine.

Anoop Desai is up next. He’ll be singing “Beat It”; interesting song choice.
This was such a smart choice by the judges to bring him back. Great voice, and he’s doing a tremendous job interacting with the audience. Definitely one of the best of the night!

Paula reminded Anoop that “when you pick a song it’s your gift to show the world what you’ve got. I think this song is untouchable. Belongs to the artist and anything else is kareoke to me”.
Simon said it was horrible; a bit stupid; and like a really bad impersonation of Michael Jackson. Harsh, Simon!
Randy thought it totally the wrong song choice, saying “it didn’t work for me”.
Kara agree with the others. “We didn’t see any variation. No riffs; it didn’t even go up”.
I have to say, I haven’t disagreed with all the judges so much in a long time. I guess we’ll see tomorrow night.

Jorge Nunez is singing….man, I missed it again! And I don’t recognize it, either. Happy to see the accent return! Fairly solid performance. But like I said before, these are all good singers; you have to stand out above the others…this wasn’t it.

Randy said it was “not the song I would have chosen. You definitely got vocal chops; there were a few pitch problems. But you have a nice upper range”.
Kara called Jorge “one of the most emotionally charged people on this show”. But thought this performance wasn’t up to par.
Paula said she had mad love for Jorge, but didn’t feel Jorge was himself. “This was not the right song for you”.
Simon thought it corny and “out of your depth”; also pronouncing the arrangement “awful”.

Megan Joy Corkrey will be next. She is singing “Rockin’ Robin”. Great choice for Megan!  Her dancing hasn’t changed, to my slight annoyance.
I take it back. Not a good song choice. Now, this sounds a bit kareoke to me. There were some pretty nice moments in there. But the last bit! That was just weird for me.

Kara loves how Megan injects her own personality into the song.
Paula loves the quirky and unique tone to Megan’s voice. She thought it was the right song, but felt disconnected until the end.
Simon told Megan “we like you. But stupid song choice. The vocals weren’t very good; the dancing verging on ridiculous. If this was the first time we’d seen you, we’d have gone completely nuts!” he declared.
Randy said the song choice didn’t allow Megan to be herself.

Adam Lambert is up; and I’m skeptical. He’s singing “Black And White”. He’s gonna go far. I can tell that from the very first notes he sings. Maybe not my personal style, and I probably won’t be voting for him. But Adam’s bringing it tonight.
In a way, I find him a bit creepy, though. But his stage experience helps him out a lot, performance-wise.

Paula said she has never seen someone so comfortable on stage so early. “You’ve got the whole package!” she declared; “We’ll be seeing you all the way to the end”.
Simon that, to him, was “a totally different league to what we’ve already seen. You were comfortable; whether that was your prior stage experience or not. But to sing Michael Jackson you have to be over the top like Michael Jackson, and you were”. That’s not a compliment in my opinion. But oh, well.
Randy said that Adam was, “since day one, the most current”, also telling him that “you could make a record right now and sail to the top. You’ve got it!”
Kara; “what can I say that they haven’t already said?”

Matt Giraud is up next, singing….missed it again. ugh. But smart move by him to play the piano tonight. And honestly, this is the first time that I’ve enjoyed Matt. He brought his soul to Michael Jackson, and put in some beautiful riffs and runs as well. Really loved it!

Randy called it a really good performance; but there were a few pitch problems.
Kara said he was a “talented guy. Hope to see you for many more weeks”.
Paula let loose a stream of positive words…hardly any of which I caught.
Simon said it was “difficult following Adam. But this was like a meat and potatoes meal. Solid!”

Alexis Grace finishes up the night with “Dirty Diana”. She certainly is staying true to the girl she showed us in the semi-final rounds. Though I’d like to the other side to this girl.
Great performance; and the vocals were superb! This was the way to close the night!

Kara declared Alexis back! “Liked it”.
Paula cautioned her to “watch the over-singing”.
Simon thought it “very over the top and not as good as you thought it was”.
Randy said it was “very good. Not great though”.

There is a slight change to the rules tomorrow, they warn. Hmmm…Also, we’ll be seeing Kelly Clarkson tomorrow night!
Should be an interesting night to see. But man, how tough to have to say good bye to two contestants!

My personal breakdown of the night.

  1. 1. Alexis Grace
    2. Danny Gokey
    3. Adam Lambert
    4. Lil Rounds
    5. Anoop Desai
    6. Jasmine Murray
    7. Matt Giraud
    8. Allison Iraheta
    9. Kris Allen
    10. Michael Sarver
    11. Scott MacIntyre
    12. Megan Joy Corkrey
    13. Jorge Nunez

Who do I think will be leaving? Well, I think it should be Jorge and Megan; but believe it will probably be down to Jorge, Scott, Kris and Jasmine in the bottom four. Can’t wait to see though!
What are your thought? Come on, people! I know there are plenty of you out there with a million thoughts of your own!


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