Favorite Performances From Motown

My favorite performances this week came from Kris Allen, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, Danny Gokey, and Michael Sarver. I wanted to share the video’s from last nights performances with you. Some of the audio’s cut out before the last note is completely over, but at least you get the big picture of their performances.

Allison Iraheta shows so much talent for one so young. I believe that with Alexis Grace gone, Allison now has a clear path to be the last female standing this season. This is an audio from her live performance, which in my opinion was better than the studio recording; although this one cut’s out before the song is completely over.


Kris Allen has very subtly stolen my favorite contestant slot this season. I started off a big fan of Danny, and still am, but Kris has been proving himself better and better every week. I think all he needs is a little more charisma to launch him to the semi-finals. This audio, just as Allison’s, cut’s out before the end. But, just as with Allison’s 😉 I enjoyed the live performance from Kris over his studio recording.


Danny Gokey has been a front-runner since the start in this competition; deservedly so. The husky, soulful vibe he exhibits is irresistable. His back-story is one that many can relate to; it draws us to him, making him seem like a normal guy perhaps we’d meet in line at the grocery, on the shuttle, or the pump at the corner gas station. This guy is true talent, and has the makings of a star, not only vocally, but his lifestyle is one to inspire, encourage, and challenge others. That is what truly makes someone a star. Danny’s audio is the studio recording.


Michael Sarver is another of those guys that we can relate to. The normal guy with the tough job, wife and kids to feed, and a smile on his face the whole time. No, his voice is not one of the best in the competition, but we have a lot of tremendously talented people this season. But Michael shows that you can go places by being a ‘good, clean guy’ (not discounting his vocals-he is still talented and a great entertainer), something many discount in today’s society. Michael’s upcoming audio is also a studio recording; I think he did a tremendous job on it!


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