Motown Results Night

Who’s leaving tonight? That’s the big question facing us every night after the performances. Going into the results show, I expect to see Megan, Michael, and Scott in the bottom three. As usual, I’m blogging live with the show. 🙂

They’re performing a medley of Motown hits tonight; featuring “You’re All I Need”, “My Guy”, and “Ain’t No Mountain”. The choreography is pretty neat.

The Ford music video is “Pocketful of Sunshine”…I liked this one alot. But not as much as “We Will Rock You”; was still good though.

Reuben Studdard is guest performing tonight….is he live? I have to ask ’cause so many this season are prerecording their performances this season. Randy Travis and Carrie Underwood, Kenye West, and the upcoming performance of David Cook (YEAH!) next week. I think this one is live….The performance was nice, I suppose, but I’ve never been a fan of Reuben. Nice guy, though.

Now to the results.
Dim the lights.
Here we go.
Adam is first. Of course after last nights performance he is safe!
Matt is next…and in the bottom three. Totally disagree with this! And DialIdol predicted him completely safe! Sorry DI…you’re falling down on your touch.
Kris next…Ryan misleads with his comments, making us all think Kris is in the bottom. But Kris is safe!
So is Lil. Placing Michael in the bottom three with Matt.

Smokey Robinson and Joss Stone perform…getting me thinking about Reuben’s performance minutes before…Reuben lacked our contestants on the stage…making me believe that it too was prerecorded. Why do so many of them do this?
Nice performance by the legend and Joss.

Who else will join Michael and Matt? My guess has gotta be Megan.

Allison is next…She put out a steller performance last night and is safe.
Anoop is also safe.
Danny Gokey won’t be in the bottom three for quite a few more weeks.

We’re down to Scott and Megan. ‘Cheap hotel performance’ or ‘Train-wreck’?
I’m astonished to see Megan, once again, safe!

Ryan is sending Scott back. I’m really mad at this. Matt totally doesn’t deserve to be standing where he is now. But Michael has to be leaving now.

Stevie Wonder is once again gracing the A-I stage. I like Stevie Wonder, but…I really can’t enjoy this with Matt sitting where he is. Ok, I was able to say I enjoyed that by the end. Great performance by Stevie!

The results after the commercial break…as always.
Are we going to have another totally wrong night like last week with Alexis? What is happening to this show?!

Dim the lights.
Here we go.

I am truly sorry to see Michael Sarver go, but believe that Matt really deserves to remain in the competition.
I think Michael sounds better tonight than last night. Is getting over the flu? This guy is truly a favorite character! What a genuine, nice guy! He is not saved, but it looked like he came close! Will miss this guy. I hope someone picks him up for a record deal.


One thought on “Motown Results Night”

  1. Though it was difficult to see Micheal leave, I think it was the right choice. He is such a nice guy, I hope things go well for him.
    That said, I personally liked this week’s Ford video better than the first week’s, though that one was good too. =)

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