Top Nine Perform Itunes Top Charts

So, I hear that the contestants will be performing songs from Itunes top charts….that bodes well for many of them.

For me, though, this show doesn’t look good. I’m starting this night out very irratated. The TV keeps cutting the sound on and off.

Starting the night off is Anoop Desai, singing something by Usher….at least I think that’s what he said. As I already said, the sound is there only every once in a while. And what I do hear, I don’t recognize. But back to Anoop; he’s bringing back some of that energy and attitude we saw several weeks ago. As far as the vocals went, I didn’t think he stood out with them. They were only OK, which just doesn’t cut it with this group.

Randy said Anoop’s “vocals were really good” but thought it a bad song choice. He said he felt “a little torn”.
Kara pointed out that “when you pick Usher you’ve got to do crazy stuff” but didn’t hear that from him; instead felt “like a bunch of frat guys dared you to sing Usher”.
Paula loved that Anoop went back to the playful side; “Your vocals sounded really good”, but recommended he “work on the stage presence”.
Simon called it a “complete and utter mess”; saying Anoop “came over as a wannabe”. He said “the arrangement was a mess”, and complained that the performance gave him a headache.

Megan Joy is singing Marley’s “Turn Your Lights On Low”. I have to say that this is definitely an improvement over the last two weeks…actually, three weeks. But this didn’t turn me into a fan of hers by a long shot.

Kara really likes Megan but thinks she is in trouble. “Here’s the thing: Not the right song choice for you”.
Paula thinks Megan really needs to “take us by surprise”.
Simon called the song boring, indulgent, monotonous; and all the things we liked about you are disappearing. It wasn’t you, and it is about song choice”.
Randy said it was “like watching paint dry”, and told Megan she had better artists to pick from than Marley.

Danny Gokey is singing “What Hurts The Most”, by Rascall Flatts. I’m so glad he chose this song! Much better song choice than the last two weeks for sure!! This is getting us back to the real guy! His vocals were spot-on, and the interpretation in his voice brought me completely into the song.

Paula said “this is where you thrive; from the first note to the cadence”, and told Danny he left her “wanting more”.
Simon’s thoughts on Danny’s performance; “this week, if I’m being honest, this was your best performance. So much better than the first two…So far away better. Get a great song, sing it brilliantly, and do your version; that’s what this is about”.
Randy said “it’s about choosing something that you can do well”, and thought Danny did just that.
Kara told Danny, “You moved everyone in this room emotionally…That’s so hard to do; you gave so much of your heart and soul”.

Allison Iraheta chose “Don’t Speak”, her vocals are fairly good, but I’m totally distracted by how she looks. Not in the same ball park as last week, IMO.

Randy knows Allison can sing, but thought she was a little ahead of the beat; but he did like the guitar. His biggest thought: “What are you wearing?!”
Kara told Allison “the rock in you comes out no matter what you’re wearing, so you don’t need to dress it. I felt like you were trying to be something, and you don’t need to try, you already are”.
Paula said Allison’s “vocal prowess rivals singers twice your age. You are serious about this. think you’re skating by and going right to the finish line”, she predicted.
Simon simply couldn’t ignore the outfit. He thought it looked like “dressy-uppy; trying to be a rock star. Plus you shouted the song”.

Scott MacIntyre chose a song from Billy Joel, “Just The Way You Are”, and it was perfectly suited for him! Great choice! He stripped it all down, and just gave us his honest soul in that performance. Very well done!

Kara said Scott “made some very smart song choices tonight”. She loved that he came “from an honest place, which you know how to do well”.
Paula told Scott that “of all the contestants which have graced the stage, I am most proud of you. It has nothing to do with your challenge, but everthing to do with how you’ve faced that challenge!”
Simon called it Scott’s “best performance by a country mile. This is a different Scott. You are lucky you didn’t listen to madam’s (Paula) advice about not playing the piano”.
Randy declared it “one of the best of the night; nice one!”

Singing “You Found Me”, Matt Giraud is fighting to gain his footing back on the show. He chose to play keyboard actually in the audience! What a way to make it personal! This isn’t my favorite performance of his, but was a good one nevertheless.

Paula thinks Matt is “bored with the magnificant riffs and beautiful falsetto” that he is so good at.
Simon said Matt “should be happy ’cause we don’t like you this week”. He felt it was all “very put on, very up-tight. You’re becoming like all these different people just to try and stay in the competition”.
Randy thought it was “just the wrong song for you. You got more chops than that; let all that flavor out”.
Kara didn’t like how Matt seems to “keep going between the rock r&b and the pop r&b”.

Lil Rounds wanted to really nail her song choice this week, and picked Celine Dion’s “I Surrender”. I love this song, and am a huge fan of Celine. I’m very back and forth between this song….there are times I feel are magnificant, and others that are just less than what I’d hope for from her.

Randy thought it, once again, not the right song choice. “But you sang it really, really well. You’ve got unbelievable vocal skills”.
Kara pictured a Mariah or Mary song, but was “surprised too. You hit a few notes that I was like….whoa! We got a glimpse of what we saw in the beginning which is this singer who can let it out and wow us”.
Paula….well, I actually didn’t catch what Paula said.
Simon felt like it was Lil “singing to stay in the competition”, and thought it “quite similar to a wedding performance”.

Adam Lambert chose “Play That Funky Music”, a song that I normally like, but not his version. I really think that Adam is someone you either love or hate. I just don’t get him. But he does have a good voice, and I think this performance was a very good one. So, no, I didn’t like it. But this was the best performance of the night so far!

Paula declared that “true genius does not fulfill expectations; they shatter it!”
Simon called it “very brave!” and said it was original.
Randy admitted that when he heard Adam was doing this song, he thought “this is going to be corny;  But you got it going on!”
Kara told Adam that each week she “cannot wait to see what you are going to do next. And that’s a big compliment!”

My favorite, Kris Allen, is closing the night with “Ain’t No Sunshine”. I love the simpleness he brings with just the keyboard and a strings quartet accompanying him. This guy improves by leaps and bounds each week! I’m so excited by him! And this week, I really and truly feel like I’ve seen an artist, equipped with charisma and personality. Did I say Adam’s was the best performance so far? Wrong! Kris stole the night!

Randy: “Yo dude! Right now in this moment; for the last couple of weeks you’ve been slaying them; that was definitely in the zone! Slay it!”
Kara said she has three words; “That was artistry!”
Paula said Kris “played to your strengths; your best to date”.
Simon brought up what he talked about last week with “showing some confidence; you brought that tonight. Very clever and cool performance; Your best so far”.

Here’s my ranking of the night:

  1. Kris Allen–by far the best of the night
  2. Adam Lambert—followed very closely by
  3. Danny Gokey
  4. Scott MacIntyre
  5. Lil Rounds
  6. Anoop Desai
  7. Matt Giraud
  8. Allison Iraheta
  9. Megan Joy Corkrey

I really think that Megan will be leaving…but I say that every week, don’t I? It’ll be Megan, Matt, and Allison/Anoop in the bottom three tomorrow night….maybe even ending with Matt leaving us. But who really knows? No one will until tomorrow at the results show.


2 thoughts on “Top Nine Perform Itunes Top Charts”

  1. I think you and I are going to disagree this season, StoneRose. 😀

    I do agree with you though that you either love or hate a voice like Adam Lambert’s and I love it! I love the uniqueness of his voice and the versatility he has shown in his song choices and performances.
    Kris Allen I am not so crazy about.

    But maybe it is just a difference in music preferences. 😀

  2. Stonerose and Melody, as odd as it sounds, I agree with you both about Adam. He has a simply amazing voice! But there are 2 problems.
    #1. He gravitates towards music that I can only describe as a weird ethereal/rock attempt (I’m sorry, but the word I was looking for didn’t come to mind so I did my best). And ever since his “Ring of Fire”, I’ve not been able to get over that.
    Reason #2. I can’t support him because of some of his lifestyle choices. Yes, I know that sounds “narrow” and I’ll probably get a lot of backs up by saying it. But morality isn’t something that we “grow out of” because we’ve become more “advanced”.
    So, in the end I agree with ya both.
    Yes, amazing vocal talent (which I like). Yes, weird, and almost scary, taste in music (which I don’t like).

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