Results Show 4/01/09

The Ford Music video featured the song “Mixed Up”…and it lived up to it’s name! Quite strange…

The top nine are singing Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”. I love the group numbers as the group actually diminishes in size…it affords everyone a chance with their own little segment, a chance to showcase their individual voices.

We also get a chance to hear the contestants impersonating each others voices…pretty hilarious! And they all handled the jokes with fun and grace.

Tonight we will be treated to David Cook’s new single, “Come Back To Me”…as well as Lady Gaga’s hit “Poker Face! Lady Gaga, haven’t been looking forward to so much….but Cook? Oh, yeah!

Dim the lights, etc…
We’re dividing into three groups…? So, Kris, Megan, and Matt in one. Adam, Lil, and Allison in another. Leaving Scott, Danny, and Anoop in the last grouping. There is no way that either Kris, Danny, or Adam are in the bottom three; so I’m going to put out an early guess that one out of each group actually make up the bottom three…?

So good to see and hear David Cook again…so what if it was pre-recorded? Watch the music video for Come Back To Me. And David is presented with his platinum debut album commemorative whatever-they-call-it…nice. Of course, no new news, but great to watch him receive this. Loved his performance, as always.

Back to the results: Kris is safe, as everyone knew he would be.
I think Matt will be safe too. And he is after Ryan pulls an April Fools on him.
Megan is in the bottom three. But the girl handles it with grace. And perhaps a bit of cornyness.

Second group is up.
Lil is safe!
Allison is next…I’m going to have to say that I think she’s going to find herself in the bottom three. And she is.
Adam is of course (at least this week) safe.

Third group…Danny is safe.
Scott should be safe too…and I think we’ll see Anoop joining the girls in the bottom three.
Anoop is indeed in the bottom three. Anoop has been accused of being arrogant, but tonight he was anything but. Very gracious, and that put him far in my opinion.

Yeah; we get to watch Lady Gaga! Kidding-April Fools (lol)! not really excited about her; just not a fan. Honestly, I don’t think they should have allowed her on a ‘family-friendly’ show. So no more about her.

Back to the bottom three…Simon says that ‘only one of these three (Anoop, Allison, or Megan) are worth saving’. That would be Allison, I’m sure.

Allison is sent back to safety…leaving little hope that the bottom vote-getter will receive a save from the judges.
Anoop is safe. Simon tells Megan that they’re not even going to attempt to evaluate her performance or save her. That was harsh…don’t think she deserves a save, but she does deserve the respect of an evaluation.

Megan was called hip, relevant, and the most original artist ever to grace (my new word for tonight!) the A-I stage. I think this girl was just plagued with bad song choices, like several others have been throughout this competition. Unfortunately, she caught a lot of flack; but definitely a contestant full of originality, and talent. Kudos for going out with grace, Megan!!


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