Songs of the Cinema

It’s the night: Songs of the Cinema! And we have Quentin Tarantino working with the contestants. I’m not expecting him to be lenient with them.

Missed the intro due to my TV not receiving the channel correctly…same ole’ story.

OK, so same format as always, right? I’ll sum up my thoughts on a contestant, tell you what they’re singing, and what the judges said. After that, I’ll share which were my favorites, and who was a dissapointment. And finally, I’ll include a poll or two at the end…a little interaction, since you all are scared stiff to leave any sort of comment…lol 😉

Allison Iraheta picked, from the movie Armaggedon, “I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing”. My initial thought: ‘Oh, No!’ I couldn’t help but remember my all-time favorite A-I contestant and season seven winner, David Cook. IMO, you can’t top DC.
I really couldn’t get into her performance. But it was a solid performance; gotta hand that to her.

Paula loved that Allison never comprimises her “authenticity”, calling her “one talented, remarkable young lady”.
Simon declared that he expected they woud “see [Allison] all the way to the end now. ”
I missed a lot of the dialogue because of my TV connection…And why was it only Paula and Simon who spoke? Probably something I missed in the intro.

Anoop Desai chose “Everything I Do, I Do It For You”, from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. I’m really glad that Anoop chose a song to play his strengths. To be honest, Anoop is not my favorite contestant this season, but man! can he sing!!  When he’s not fooling around on stage, this guy can really bring it; and he brought it tonight!

Randy wasn’t a fan initially, but thought tonight he rocked the house! “Really good job” he commented, and also said he loved the emotion in it.
Kara thinks this is his niche; taking pop songs and adding your soul to it. “This is probably one of your best! When you made the changes in the melody they were right and were coming from your heart.”

Adam Lambert is singing “Born To Be Wild”, from Easy Rider. At first glance, a great song for him. Honest opinion: Too much eyeshadow. But as that has nothing to do with his singing…as usual, he put in a great performance, vocally…but, I really felt like it would have benefited by being reined in just a little bit-it was just too over-the-top.

Paula was jumping up and down in her chair. “You dare to dance in the path of greatness; fortune rewards the brave, you are one of the bravest contestants I’ve seen.”
Simon jokingly mentioned that Adam needs to “learn to express yourself more”. He then got serious: “vocally, it was incredible. The downside was it was like watching the Rocky Horror Musical. I don’t think that performance will be as popular as last weeks”.
I think Simon is right on that.

From Don Jaun DeMarco, Matt Giraud is singing “Have You Ever Really Loved A Women“. Genius choice, Matt! I love this song, and Matt’s unique bluesy/jazz vocals are a great match. Other than his falsetto use in the middle of the song at the bridge, I really liked this performance. IMO, the underdogs are out-performing the front-runners so far tonight.

Randy called it an “interesting performance”; mentioning that Matt can really sing, but cautioned him not to take a song with great melody like this song and change it. “It was not one of your best”.
Kara commented on how Matt seems to have a constant flip and struggle between rock and soul songs. She did appreciate that Matt tried to put a lot of soul in a rock song.

Danny Gokey got bored, so decided to buy a guitar and learn to play it; but was quite empathetic that he would not be breaking it out during the show this season when Ryan put that question to him. Danny chose “Endless Love”, from the same. Great song choice! Perfectly suited to his voice. And I could just see the level of emotion in his eyes…I’m sure he was thinking of Sophia during this.

Paula wasn’t sure, after hearing the opening, but thought it might be too low. But she soon changed her mind; calling him “unique and unforgetable; you grab us in the beggining, mesmerize us in the middle, and slay us in the end”.
Simon was “dissapointed that we had a very traditional version of that song. Having said that; the song means a lot to you personally; hard to do. And I want to congratulate you for that”.

Kris Allen, from the movie ‘Once’, picked “Falling Slowly”. Tarantino said Kris was probably the one who lived up to the spirit of the competition the most. This was what I have waited all night to hear! This was, from the first note to his final end, the best of the night. I love the ambience of his voice. You know, Kris comes out every week (exception of last week) with something new, creative, and amazing. He improves steadily each week; something I’ve yet to see from any of the other contestants. This is the mark of an artist.

Randy never quite caught on, saying he thought it “pitchy from note one”.
Kara said it was one of Kris’ “best moments”!
Randy got it wrong on this one; I don’t know what he was listening to, definitely not Kris. The judges should be paying attention to the contestants when they sing. I’m OK, if Randy simply didn’t like it, but to call Kris off-pitch is ridiculous! Kara nailed Kris performance!

Lil Rounds is singing “The Rose”. This song is so beautiful. How is it going to treat Lil? I said it last week, and I say it again, Lil is finding her way slowly back to the right songs. This is her best so far,  second to her performance in the semi-finals. Was it right enough to keep her in the competition? I don’t know…

Paula said something about the road being hard, but worthwile taking….
Simon had no idea what Paula just said, but said that this was “completely the wrong song; it was too soft, too middle of the road for you. There are no excuses now.”

OK, so my favorites?

Kris. Amazing, amazing, beautiful performance.
Anoop. This week, he nailed his song choice, and his performance. Great one from a guy that nearly left last week.
Matt. I loved what he did with ‘the rock song’. Not on the same page as the judges with that one…
Danny. That was one of the most emotional performances I’ve ever heard on A-I. If you start up again with the ‘wife-pimping’ ridiculous mumbo-jumbo, I’ll probably totally write you off as a jerk. That was not fake, in any sense of the word. He tries not to bring it out much now, what with all the accusations that were made, but you gotta know it’s still very much a part of him.

Contestants I feel fell below their capabilities:
Lil Rounds. She’s trying though.
Adam Lambert. Yeah, I know; there’s this huge rave thing going on about him…But I know that he is better than what we saw of him tonight.

With only seven contestants left, it’s going to be harder to stay out of the bottom three group.
I expect to see Lil, Matt, and Allison there this week; with Lil leaving.

What do you think? I’m giving you the chance to share your thoughts, exactly as I shared mine. Go ahead, give it a try. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Songs of the Cinema”

  1. Just for your information, 😀 They decided that only two judges would talk at each performance to try and fit it into the allotted time.
    I thought that everyone did an amazing job, and it seemed that every contestant is really starting to pick up the slack. The only one that I was not crazy about was Matt’s performance, but maybe that’s just because I LOVE, love Brian Adams and that song in particular. I think you really need the Spanish guitar in that song.

    I was kind of wondering about the judges save on elimination night. Who were they prepared to not save?

  2. Thanks! I figured that’s what they must have decided, since they’ve been running overtime lately….

    I think, overall, you’re right; they know they got to step up their game, and most of them are doing it. One or two seem to be regressing, and several are actually just standing still. I believe that’s going to hurt them if they don’t join the others next week in bringing something new. I’m not sure if that made sense, but there are a few who seem to be doing exactly what they were when we first met them, and you gotta’ keep improving if you want to stay around on this stage.
    I think I was the only one that liked Matt’s performance the other night…started making me wonder if I had lost it until his performance that won him the judges save; that WAS really good. 🙂 But yes, I agree with you, the Spanish guitar does make a big difference (for the better) in that song…

    Judges save….I’m pretty sure they mean’t they would not save Lil, since they DID save Matt, and those were the two they were talking about…? Was that what you were asking?

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