Disco Week; 04/21/09

The disco week is here! Still, not really excited about this, contrary to Ryan calling this night a “very exciting week”.

We still have seven contestants due to Matt’s win of the save last week (great performance!), so two will be leaving tomorrow night.

Lil Rounds is singing “I’m Every Woman”. She definitely is getting better at picking her songs. That Lil with the big voice we heard in the beginning of the season is back. I really didn’t have any complaints to make.

Randy said it “sounded so wild; still didn’t show us what kind of artist you are and what you can really do in this competition; or your vocal control”.
Kara told Lil, “we’ve all been waiting to hear you sing Chaka Khan…maybe not worth the wait”.
Paula told us that Lil had “no voice yesterday; I applaud your recovery. You were hot tonight, but maybe not boiling; remarkable recovery though”.
Simon thinks this is the “last week for you. There was no originality; the arrangement, vocals were a mess”.
I think the judges were all way too harsh with Lil tonight. It’s like they’ve made up their minds that she just has to go no matter what.

Kris Allen chose “She Works Hard For The Money” by Donna Summer. Interesting choice; I gotta say I love the stage setup. Reminds me of Katherine McPhee’s “Black Horse and The Cherry Tree” several seasons ago. No one can complain that this isn’t original. Has Kris written all over it. That last phrase was fantastic.

Kara thought Kris “took a real risk with that arrangement; it paid off big time. Showed us something about yourself…that could go on your record; I don’t know how you can do that”.
Paula called Kris “originality; a contender in this competition!”
Simon said this was “a complete polar opposite from the last performance. This was original, well thought out, not kareoke; fantastic performance!”
Randy announced “What I love about you, you know who you are. You come out every week ready for the big time. Amazing!”

“September” was the song Danny Gokey chose this week. Danny is starting to pick it up again…felt like he was slacking a bit there for a while. Really quite good. I’d buy this one.

Randy said he wasn’t “sure about the song choice when you started out; this is not a song with big melodic range, but you turned it into something that really worked for you tonight”.
Kara was “kinda worried about you in disco night…like asking Simon to wear a plaid shirt. But you are an incredible vocalist, pitch is always so right on; never an issue for you”.
Paula said that “whenever I think you’ve hit the top of your range, you raise it higher. You have one of the sexiest voices ever”.
Simon said he had to “pretty much agree with what everyone said. As a performance, I didn’t get any star power. Was a bit awkward and clumsy”.

Allison Iraheta, singing “Hot Stuff”. True rocker girl, Allison is. I thought the song was a little too old for her though. Good vocals.

Randy “didn’t love the arrangement;  too indulgent”. But he said Allison is “one of the best singers in this competition. You can really sing!”
Kara has “gotta agree on the arrangement. Right song though. You are one of the best singers. Your vocals were a 9-10″.
Paula loves that “comprimise doesn’t even beling in [Allison’s] musical vocabulary. With that last note, you hit it off the charts!”
Simon said Allison is “always gonna come into disco week as an underdog. But that was quite a performance!”

Adam Lambert is singing “If I Can’t Have You”. He chose another ballad; really showcases his vocals. Really great performance. Personally didn’t care for the really high ‘screamy’ notes in the middle there…but a really good vocal regardless.

Randy said Adam is “ready right now. You’ve got it majorly going on. Hot one tonight!”
Kara called Adam “brilliant. Tonight was the most memorable performance; the emotion, the way you connected; its inspiring.”
Paula said “it’s as if you tore your heart out and left it on the stage. Fantastic! You will be in the finals”.
Simon said he “did something we weren’t expecting. Was original; memorable; the vocals were great”.

Matt Giraud is “Staying Alive”; this was going to be a really tough week for Matt. But I like this performance, I really do. Just check out that range! This guy has to be staying!! Really good.

Randy “didn’t love the song choice or arrangement; but you can really sing. This bunch is one of the most talented groups of seven kids ever”.
Kara said Matt “brought Disco back. That was good. I like to see you move. Your vocals were pretty good. Was a solid, good performance!”
Paula said “you pick songs like I bowl. Sometimes you throw gutter balls, sometimes you pitch a strike. Tonight you’re staying!”
Simon “didn’t like it. Get out of idolland. In the real world, it came over a bit desperate. No originality. I’m not such a huge fan tonight.”

Anoop Desai closes the night with “Dim All The Lights”. Anoop is putting out a really good performance too. Not outstanding, so he may be in trouble. But I did think it was enjoyable.

Randy thought it was “a rough last note. I didn’t love this one either. But you can sing also! vocally…nice baby nice!”
Kara called it a “great song choice. Sounded like it could actually be on the radio. The last two weeks, your best performances yet; really hitting your stride”.
Paula declared that “real men know how to wear pink! You hit that magical point in your voice”.
Simon completely disagreed with the other judges; calling it “mediocre at best; horrible version of that song. This genuinely was your worst by a mile”.

My favorites in order:
Kris Allen
Matt Giraud
Danny Gokey
Anoop Desai

Not a fan of:
Allison Iraheta
Adam Lambert

In trouble:
Lil Rounds
Anoop Desai
Matt Giraud

So, as always, what are your thoughts? Share away…or just take the poll.

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