Final Three/5-12-09

Early spoilers say that Danny Gokey will be singing “Dance Little Sister” by Terrance Trent D’Arby, and “You Are So Beautiful” by Joe Cocker. Adam Lambert is reported to have “One” by U2 and “Cryin” by Aerosmith up his sleeves….and Kris Allen is singing  “Apologize” by OneRepublic, great pick for him, and “Heartless” by Kanye West.
Looks like a pretty good group of songs, playing to each of their strengths quite possible.

Each contestant sings a song chosen for them by one (or two) of the judges. Each picks a song themselves to perform.
We will also see Jordin Sparks return to the A-I stage…tomorrow night.

Danny Gokey is up first with “Dance Little Sister”…Paula picked a perfect song for Danny. Cool little sax solo.

Randy loved his “hoarse tone; was dope for me”.
Kara said he hit it in “the money spot in your tone…dancing was to gyrating…but a great singer”.
Paula thought that his dancing was “really good”; calling his performance “fantastic”.
Simon agreed the “dancing was a bit desperate; vocally very, very good. My biggest problem was the toy sax solo. Wrong song”.

Kara and Randy chose “Apologize” for Kris Allen; perfect song choice for him. I love the piano! Am enjoying the inflections in his voice.

Randy said it’s “about who’s going to win this thing…this is the artist you could be in the future. Nice, baby, very nice.”
Kara called it a “really competent performance; but at this stage you have to be hitting it out of the park. Take more chances.”
Paula called it the right song, saying it “sits in the right spot on your voice. All three of you are worthy of standing on this stage.”
Simon got upset with both Kara and Paula.

“One” by U2, picked by Simon, is the song that Adam Lambert is singing first tonight. I really liked the first part…and then he started screaming again…I know, it was screaming with vocal technique…but I still didn’t  like it.

Randy said Adam was “still in the zone; one of the hottest three here now. I lost the song a little bit…great song though, and talented guy.”
Kara said he “just proved you can take a song and do it in a completely different way…unbelievable.”
Paula called it “one brilliant song, one superb performance, and one american idol I’m staring at right now.”
Simon said “this may sound a bit biased, but brilliant song choice. You worked out what you wanted to do with it.”

We get an ‘important update’ from idol gives back next…they didn’t even have one this year; how can they give us an update?!

Thinking about Adam’s performance…there wasn’t a lot of noise from the crowd; they kept holding off the judges like there was, or like everyone should be all gaga over Adam’s song. I really don’t think this was one of Adam’s better performances…in fact, far from it. I have to wonder; really seems like they are so pushing an Adam/Danny finale, and obviously pushing an Adam win…kinda threw Kris under the bus. Not such a fan of any of the judges at the moment; well, except Randy. He’s actually giving some truth with his words tonight.

Danny Gokey chose “You Are So Beautiful”. Love the stage setup. This is really good! That was the very definition of a great song!! Awesome job, Danny!!

Randy called this an “amazing song….you can really, really, really sing. Mad vocals!!”
Kara said “everything you didn’t do in the first performance, you did with this one. Stunning!”
Paula told Danny “you nailed it! Beautiful, beautiful performance!”
Simon “loved the song…didn’t like the arrangment. Having said that, it was a vocal masterclass!!”

Kris Allen chose “Heartless” as his last song tonight. I liked how he started it accapella. I really love how he took this song and made it his own; really nice job. This song just told us how much Kris is in this competition to win!

Randy said “this is going to be one of the toughest voting nights in the whole season. My (favorite) version. This was better than the original; you are in it to win!”
Kara called Kris “bold, brave, fearless. Kudos! The tone, pitch, phrasing…100%!”
Paula thought Kris “relevant, and completely different.”
Simon called Apologize a “lame song choice…I had written you out of this competition; that has all changed after that performance!”

Adam Lambert is closing the night with “Cryin'”. I think he’ll do a better job with this one. I just really don’t like the whiny tone in his voice…love it when he sings ballads; and consequently leaves that tone out…. Not my favorite of his either, but better than his first.

Randy called Adam “one of the best we’ve ever had on this stage. I love this song more than “One”.”
Kara thought he was “amazing…we’ll see you at the finals”(but she added a ? at the end of that sentence…hmm).
Paula said he “set the bar so high in the sky…we’ll be seeing you next week and many years after that.”
Simon said he wasn’t going to be so gaga as the others…”it’s very easy to assume that you’ll sail through. But I don’t want anyone to assume that. You deserve it based on talent…”

I really think, based on their combined performances tonight, that Danny and Kris should be in the finals. Danny had the best song of the night with “You Are So Beautiful”…biggest surprise of the night? Kris’ “Heartless”…man, he really brought it!

What do you think?
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3 thoughts on “Final Three/5-12-09”

  1. You people need to get your stuff right! KRIS ALLEN is the BEST most hottest guy ever on American Idol!… comment edited by administrator.

  2. Please, folks…share all you like. If you want to bring something to the post, I welcome it…only keep it civil or it will be edited.

    All numbers for contestants are 1-866-IDOLS followed by their performance number, i.e., 01, 06, or 10….Sorry that this wasn’t posted before.
    Danny is 01, 04, 07
    Kris is 02, 05, 08
    Adam is 03, 06, 09

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