Spoilers? Oh-yeah.

Here we are; the last chance to perform for the title. Who will win? I think it’s gonna be extremely close (no-duh!).

Some spoilers I gleaned from MJsBigBlog today…..
Performing first, Adam Lambert is said to be singing “Mad World” as his personal choice; while Kris Allen chose “Ain’t No Sunshine”. All I can say is ‘way to go, boys!’ They each chose their best songs of the season…question is, can they top them, or will it be just another re-run?

Both guys will be performing a song chosen by Simon Fuller….and the new coronation song, “No Boundaries” written by judge Kara DioGuardi, and co-written by Cathy Dennis and Mitch Allen. This will be cool.

Carrie Underwood is set to take the stage as well, with her hit “Home Sweet Home”.

Tomorrow night, we will see all of the top thirteen group return, singing (reportedly) Santana’s “Smooth”, and Pink’s “So What”.

Also reported for tomorrow night is Cyndi Lauper (possible duet with Allison), Queen Latifah, Black-Eyed Peas, Lional Richie (possible duet with Danny), Keith Urban (possibly the duet for Kris), Carlos Santana (to perform on his hit with the top thirteen), Jason Mraz, and David Cook (performing “Permanent” in honor of his brother, Adam-all proceeds from I-Tunes sales to go to charity).

That’s all I have for now…come back when the show starts, as I will be blogging live! See you then!


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