Top Two; Yes, It’s Really Here!

Yes, the long-awaited night has finally arrived. We have Adam Lambert and Kris Allen here at the end.

Again, each guy gets to perform three songs; their favorite of the season, Simon Fullers’ pick, and the coronation song written by Kara DioGuardi, “No Boundaries”.
Carrie Underwood is also scheduled to perform tonight; her hit-Idol-boot-off song, “Home Sweet Home”.

I already posted spoilers; check them out.

Adam Lambert is back with “Mad World”. Good choice…creepy entry with all the fog and green glow…Steller vocal-his best to date, IMO.

Randy said, “this is it. We’re down to the wire. You’re showing your sensitive side. That performance…I’m giving you an A+!”
Kara told Adam, “I’m so happy you chose that.  You rocked it again tonight”.
Paula said she was “unbelievably proud. This is your moment. Brilliant job”.
Simon called it all “a little bit over-theatrical, maybe it was the coat. Reminded me of Phantom of the Opera”.

Kris Allen is performing, once more, his incredible hit, “Ain’t No Sunshine”. I absolutely love this song! I’ve said it before, this guy is so moving. I love the ambiance of his voice; the incredible way he has of touching your very soul with his music.
I love this ending! This has got to be among my all-time favorite A-I moments.

Randy loves that he can “tell exactly what kind of artist you are. One of your best ever on this stage!”
Kara said she had “to agree with Randy. If Kris doesn’t move you, there’s gotta be something wrong with you! Kris, you have a way of moving and touching everyone who hears you”.
Paula thinks Kris leaves his “trademark on everything [he does]”.
Simon reminded everyone that “this is a competition. I wasn’t sure when your name was announced. I absolutely take all that back after that performance”.

Simon gave Round One to Kris.

Adam Lambert starts Round Two with Sam Cooke and Patti LaBelle’s “A Change is Gonna Come”. I could envision this being performed at Vegas….maybe a couple years back. Good, but rather old-fashioned in my taste.

Randy called that song “an amazing R&B classic. You showed the real reason you’re here; you can sing your face off; unbelievable!”
Kara declared this Adam’s “best performance and interpretation from the beginning. [That’s your strong point], using both sides of yourself”.
Paula was ecstatic; “best I’ve ever heard you sing! Ever, ever, ever! You looked like a superstar up there”.
Simon told Adam “you are 100% back in the game; congratulations”.

Kris Allen is singing Simon Fullers’ choice, “What’s Going On” by Marvin Gaye. Great song for Kris. Allows him to show off his individual artistry and phrasing that is so unique to him. Also his instrumental talent-playing his guitar. He accompanied himself on the piano with “Ain’t No Sunshine”.

Randy was excited, “we’ve got ourselves a real live dual competition; I love it! A little lite for this room and competition though”. Come on, Randy! Kris had no say in choosing this song!
Kara told Kris, “you have not wavered. You’re the kind of artist who makes people look, feel, and change!”
Paula declared Kris had “made Marvin Gaye proud!”
Simon said it was somewhat “like three friends in their bedroom, strumming along to Marvin Gaye. Too laid back for a night like this”.

Simon gave Round Two, hands down, to Adam.

Adam Lambert is first up to sing Kara’s new song, “No Boundaries”. I really like the song. Not a great fit for Adam’s voice, though. Well, the verse wasn’t…I was going to say the chorus was a better fit; but there were some off notes there. This really doesn’t sound right. I know that I don’t usually like Adam, so you’ll say ‘no surprise’, but I really don’t like this at all.

Randy said, “Dude, you can sing the phone book….that was not my favorite, just alright. It was a little pitchy”.
Kara told Adam, “I’m moved and proud. Thank you for giving me that moment here at the end”.
Paula was, as usual with Adam, tearing up. “Can’t express what you’ve brought to this show here in season 8. I’ll be a fan forever”.
Simon, choosing to ignore the pitchiness, IMO, said “I’m not going to judge that song, I’m going to judge you. You are one of the best contestants found so far. Congratulations”. What, Simon! You who never fail to mention pitchiness or when an artist is off-key…no mention of it here?!

Have to give Kudos to Randy for speaking the truth. It WAS pitchy. Quite dissapointing; obviously pitching for Adam here…is it just because Simon doesn’t want to lose face after he, once again, declared the winner (Adam) before-hand?

Kris Allen also gets his turn to perform “No Boundaries”. I like the beginning of this one much better. Was a note in there that sounded a bit off to me…nothing like Adam’s though. Did he forget his line? Excepting that, this is really, really good. My sis-in-law liked the musical arrangement of Adam’s song, but agreed with me that Kris was much better.

Randy told Kris “you should be very proud of what you’ve done in this competition. You’re an amazing competitor. I think that song fit your voice better than Adam”.
Kara thought “that song was a bit high”, but wants Kris to be judged on his overall performances throughout the season. “You are an incredible artist”, she commented on how he’s grown better and better from week to week”.
Paula said he did an “amazing job. This has been one of the best show-down’s”.
Simon again, thought that Kris’ “highlight was your first. Watching you tonight has been incredible. You have thoroughly deserved to be standing on this stage tonight”.

Honestly, it almost seemed like they’re were giving Kris the “good job, but you’re going home” speech. I totally call the last round Kris’. Was pimping still going on tonight?
IMO, Kris was the best tonight…we’ll just have to see if the majority of voters agree with me or not.

As the show closes, we get to hear Carrie sing….with the TV cutting out before she’s done. Oh, well. Was great to see Carrie again.

Numbers to call are: 1-866-IDOLS followed by

For Adam Lambert: 01, 03, 05,

Kris Allen: 02, 04, 06

Of course, it being the last voting night of the season, I have to add a poll. What do you think?

[poll id=”27″][poll id=”28″]


2 thoughts on “Top Two; Yes, It’s Really Here!”

  1. Great post, Carole. I don’t watch the show – never have, in fact, but I enjoy reading your take on it… 🙂

    Quick question: you have the numbers to call, but 03 is listed twice… is it 03 for Adam and 04 for Kris?

  2. Thank you for pointing out my typo, Rachel!
    Yes, 03 was just for Adam; 04 was supposed to be Kris. 😀

    And thank you also for your kind words! 🙂 I appreciate knowing that I’m not writing to an empty audience… lol And that some find it interesting.

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