Life goes on…and so entre’ the movie reviews.

Contrary, of course, to how it appears here. I know, I haven’t updated in months, my posts are few and very sporadic. My life is crazy, though…and that is my excuse.

I do have time to do the occasional thing that I want (perhaps even more than just occasional…); one of which was sitting down to spend an When in Romeevening with my mom and sis. My other sis is vacationing on the beach, somewhere.
So, mom, KattyRae, and I watched When in Rome, a really cute movie starring Kristen Bell and Josh Duhamel, among others; where mistakes, misunderstandings, and love abound. This is at times completely ridiculous, but if you’re in need of a short get-away and lots of laughs, I’d recommend it. Plus, it’s relatively clean, for a chick flick, but since it does have something to do with Italy,when-in-rome some of the artwork is not what I’d wish in regards to family-friendliness.
I sat in horror as I listened with Beth to her baby sister tell her she was marrying the man she’d met two weeks before on a plane flight. With two younger sisters of my own, I could certainly feel what Beth was going through, though I don’t think I would have been able to stand by and let things go through the way she did. At a single nearly twenty-four years of age, I could also sympathize with Beth and, quite probably, would have found myself in that fountain–although without the wine. The entire story was comical and sweet.

Being a Friday night, (meaning, no school and no work in the morning), we opted for a double movie. We’d seen it in theatre’s this past summer and loved it, so mom had picked up her own copy of Letters to Juliet.letters_to_julietSet in the AMAZING country of Italia, Letters to Juliet tells the story of a young woman (Amanda Seyfried-playing Sophie) who spends her vacation helping another travel all over and around the vicinity of Verona to find her first love. Vanessa Redgrave did an excellent job as Claire, who at sixty-some years old, returns to Italy to find her Lorenzo, who she’d left fifty years before. Accompanying his grandmother on a trip that he, according to Claire, letters_to_juliet071-700x466“doesn’t approve [of], which makes it all the more fun!”, is Christopher Egan as Charlie. This chick flick is one of the best I’ve seen in a while, showing that the older generation is more than “worthy of a love story to be told”, and that, if we pay attention, we younger folks could learn a whole lot from them about real love.


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