Resolutions…Passion…and Yearning. Countdown from Seven.

It seems I have neglected to post the whole “New Years Resolutions” thing….until now. Now I’m thinking about it some. This next thought sparked by IntegratedMother. Well, her and a few other things…and maybe the other things came first, but she was the topper on the cake.

You know, that stuff that you always meant to do last year…but never actually got around to doing? So you put it on the list for next year…oh, yeah, I meant, this year.

One thing in particular that IntegratedMother said really struck me: “Often, the reason you fail to accomplish the things that you hope for, is because you’re stuck doing the same ‘ol thing. The only difference is that you’re doing the same ‘ol thing in a new calendar year. To make a difference in [2011], you must do different things.”
My dad likes to say, “Stupidity is doing the same thing over again and expecting different results”, and John Miller, “If I want to arrive at new destinations, all I have to do is make new decisions”!

Actually, I never really think of New Years Resolutions as taking effect on New Years. That’s because my birthday falls sixteen days after the first of the year…and it seems an appropriate time to look over the past year and make new resolutions as you turn another year older. So I take the time between the first day of the new year and the seventeenth to reevaluate things in my life; direction and desires, failures and goals, hopes and dreams.
I saw where some would do a blog post a month in advance leading up to their birthday…I thought that was more than I could hope for at this time, not to mention, handle. So I decided to shorten it to the week before. As next Monday, and my twenty-fourth birthday, approaches, I will share some of my disappointments over the last year, and my hopes and goals for the next.

Feel free to weigh in. Here or FB. Or not; whatever you’re most comfortable with.


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