Prayer and God’s Word; Thursday’s Entry-The Countdown is Four.

This blank page has been staring at me for a while…refusing to come up with anything on it’s own. So I suppose I have to. It will be short and sweet, given the hour.

My hope for 2011…well, one of them is that I shall, as I touched on yesterday, grow closer to my God; that I will become more like my Christ. My resolution to go hand in hand with that hope? His Word and prayer. I am committing to spend time daily in His Word, reading it, meditating upon it, searching out the hidden truths. And I am going to pray more. About everything. Not just, “Oh, Lord, help me do better” or “God, please keep my family safe”…no, I mean about my hopes, my fears, my health, my dreams, specific sins and struggles, whether I should go to the grocery store today or tomorrow, who does He want me to minister to today and in what way, safety and salvation for those I know, prayers for my siblings, for my siblings families, and for their spouses that they may not even know yet. For my future husband, that God would uphold him, give him safety, for his spiritual growth, his hopes, dreams, fears, and health. For those in Haiti still struggling after devastation. I want to pray about everything.

I want to see a bigger, a better change, in my prayer life and daily scripture reading in this new year of mine. I know that those are the two most powerful tools in getting to know Christ on a deeper level…and I want that oh, so bad. And if you want a thing, really want it, you must go after it with intention and heart. That is one of my greatest hopes for 2011.


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