The Joy of 2010; God is Good.

So, here I have been thinking of all the disappointment from 2010, and how I want to improve them this new year. But my sister, KattyRae, shared something indescribable on her blog. She reminded me of many WONDERFUL things that happened in 2010, people, events and things that have brought such joy into my life. I, on the other hand, was focused more on the disappointment that came with hope unfulfilled; as KattyRae put it, “I anticipated only one profoundly good thing”…when that good thing didn’t happen for someone I love, I focused on the disappointment of that. I can still look forward to that ‘profoundly good thing’ in the future; God still comes through on His promises, He just doesn’t always tell us when. I mean, I still get the joy of looking forward to it! And so much more….when I think of the future, I am filled with such an excitement, with hope and joy at what He will accomplish, what He will bring to pass in my life, and the lives of those around me. We will all continue to have our ups and downs, but God is always there, riding that roller-coaster with us.

So, here is my own list of surprising joys from God!

  • Just as KattyRae mentioned first, my niece was born!
  • I had six amazing girls to teach music to, and develop relationships with.
  • I saw the one-year anniversaries of two of my best friends, still going strong in their marriages.
  • I have begun to develop a deeper and more meaningful relationship with my father.
  • I have grown closer to my younger brothers, and specifically been granted several hours a week with my youngest, just the two of us, to talk about whatever with no interruptions.
  • I have witnessed my youngest brother grow tremendously in his walk with Christ, and into an amazing young man whom I am extremely proud to know!
  • My older ‘adopted’ brother proposed to a simply amazing woman!
  • I met some new young women who love the Lord, and encourage me to do the same; the makings of the best of friends!
  • I was allowed the joy of once again (junior assistant) coaching our SCHE high school girls volleyball team, and watching each of them grow as players and women.
  • I have watched my younger sister grow steadily in her relationship with God, despite obstacles she’s encountered all year. She has grown into an amazing women, & I can’t believe I get to be her sister!
  • I have had numerous people put into my life to encourage, challenge, and love me through the life God has for me.
  • Dear friends from the north finally made it down here after 12 years.
  • My mom, and three sisters (plus baby Paige!) took a girl trip to Texas; spent some incredible time with family there and dressed up for a fancy night at the Celtic Thunder concert.
  • I now have two new girl cousins, beautiful Kylee, and precious Kadence, who bring so much to that side of the family.
  • We had our first White Christmas in 14 years!
  • We made it to Camp Dixon this year, and enjoyed sweet fellowship and tons of fun!
  • I learned how to play ultimate frisbee. 🙂
  • God provided the funds for me to take another semester of ‘cello lessons from an extremely talented and incredible woman.
  • I took a floral design class from a leading, internationally known, florist.
  • Had season tickets to the MSU games (who knew I’d actually enjoy football?!)
  • Saw the third installment of the Narnian series.
  • Received several new, precious members in my church family; they each bring something special and previously missing to our group.
  • God has given me more clarity on what my life’s mission is, and an assurance of and confidence in who I am in Him.
  • I have grown stronger because of the trials, temptations, and disappointments of the last year.

All in all, I am so very grateful for the last year that God gave me. I thought I’d wasted it completely, that I hadn’t grown at all…but now I see that He was doing things in me; that in many ways I am stronger at the end of 2010 than I was at the beginning because of it.
I am even more excited at the possibilities of this new year; whatever God has in store, it will be incredible!


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