The Countdown Continues…Only Two Days Left.

Well, technically, since today is nearly over, I have one day left. One day to reflect upon twenty-three. To prepare myself for twenty-four.
In so many ways, I am ready; I am ready for this new year to start, to see what God has in store. But a part of me, that reserved, even cautious, part, wishes that it would never come. There is so much to fear….pain, regret, disappointment. But as Mary Manin Morrisey said, “You block your dream when you allow your fear to grow bigger than your faith”.

I don’t want to allow fear that much power; I definitely don’t want it to take the place of faith in my life. Instead, I choose to believe. To believe that God does indeed, just as He says, have a plan; that He is in control. Of not only my life, but of every living thing–over all creation. I choose to believe that 2011 will be even more exciting, new, strengthening, and miraculous then each passing year has been before.

And I choose to give God control of my life…to not hold back the secret, hidden parts of me. I choose to pursue Christ with my whole heart, so that I will recognize His voice and have no doubt when I hear Him say “This is the way you should go, walk in it”.

I choose hope over despair, joy over sorrow, and trust over fear. I choose Christ as my figurehead, to grace my prow, and also as my rudder, to direct my ship in the direction which most brings Him glory–to use my life in HIS great plan, not in the way that I would set forth as my plans or purpose.

I choose Christ in 2011.


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