Don’t Give It Away; The last countdown.

There are only a few more hours left in this day…the last day in my life as a twenty-three year old. Hmm…funny, just how strange that sounds. I remember a time, not so long ago, when twenty-four seemed so far away; I thought my life would be so different than it is now. And as much as I desire other things in my life–as much as I look forward to being a wife, a mother, to brother-in-laws and more sister-in-laws, to more nieces and nephews, to seeing my dearest friends with children in their arms, to the excitement of making new friends, to the joys and adventures of following my man wherever the Lord leads him…well, I wouldn’t trade where I am now for that. God had, and still does have, a plan for my life. Those things are in my future; they aren’t my present, for good reason. There is so much I have learned. Things about myself, more about the struggles I face and their causes, and how to turn them over to God. I’ve learned to stand with confidence over the things I believe, over the hope that I have in my heart. I’ve learned, through much heartache and tears, how to be more loving and compassionate. I’m learning how to relate to my brothers (I know they say that women are the complicated ones, but believe me, guys, as a woman, I find you hard to understand much of the time). I’m learning that I’m not as wise as I once thought I was. 🙂 And I’ve learned that God is so much more than I could have have hoped or dreamed. He is there; He is always Himself, He doesn’t change on me. And though, at times, He can be hard, making me face things and truth that I do not like, He never leaves me…never disappoints, He is my constant, and more incredible than a gorgeous night sky of brilliant stars. I’ve learned to trust Him for my very life, a life that is here on earth only for the purpose of which He designed it….and that, when His purpose is accomplished through it here, He will call it home to Himself. I’ve realized the truth to “our lives are but a vapor”.


So even though twenty-three was so very hard, and I don’t really want to repeat it, I would never trade it. I learned too much to give it all away. And I am forever grateful for all that the Lord has done for me, through me, and in my life.

May God so bless me in the next year, as He has blessed me in the last. Amen.


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