That First Day…

is nearly over. I really am another year older.

Of course, I don’t feel any older…until I start thinking about it, and then I feel overwhelmed with just how old I am. What happened to fourteen? Seemed like only a short time ago; has it really been ten years?

I mean, here I am, mid-twenties. So many people have so much more to show for themselves by this time in their lives….spouse (maybe several); couple kids; fairly nice job; decent salary; a house; a car; several heartbreaks; stress; regrets manifold; despair; death of loved ones; even a divorce or two. I’m pretty far behind on all that. By the world’s typical standards, I have a crummy job[s] (well, at least for a twenty-four year old–‘so when are you going to get a real job?’); a lousy salary; investments that are going down the drain; no house; no car; not even a boyfriend let alone a husband…I’m also way down on the heartbreak count; I deal with periodic stress, but nothing enormous yet; a few regrets here and there, but more joy than the former; hope for the future; and loved ones for another day. I’m happy and I’m loved. I have goals (and I’ve met plenty already), I have purpose, I have confidence, and I have faith.

I would most definitely pick my life over any other ‘successful’ one you could offer me.

I am very glad I decided to do this ‘blog challenge’. It’s gotten me back on the somewhat creative side, making the wheels in my mind turn again (haha), and I plan on continuing to write on a fairly regular schedule. No, probably not every day, but I am aiming for several times a week. The topics will probably differ quite a bit, ranging from my faith and beliefs, to movies and music, to catnip (remember, I do have two cats). 🙂
Hopefully, there will be something that touches you periodically, and I hope you will interact with me in the comments section (’cause you know there’s nothing more boring than carrying on a prolonged one-sided conversation with yourself).


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