Ok, so I’m late on the bandwagon, I know….and countless others have already written countless other reviews…But.

I’m going to go ahead and weigh in too.

Spoiler Alert!!

I wasn’t sure about whether I wanted to watch this or not; in theatres, of course, I was definitely going to watch it at some point…just debating with myself on whether I wanted to spend $8 or wait for netflix (Since I’m writing this, you correctly assumed that I did indeed choose to watch this in theatres; I did not, however, end up paying my precious $8 on it, as my father was kind enough to treat us! Yay for him! :)).

My oh-so-cool college bro’s had already seen this, and they did not come back with rave reviews, just…..”It was OK”; so I was skeptical going in.

But my mom had sent me this link (Life is too short not to wear red shoes) which contained a pretty good review on THOR.
So we decided to dive in.

My ‘baby’ sister picked out a row for us in front of two boys, I can only assume eight year olds based on subject matter, and I was quickly wondering if I wanted to glare at her or the kids behind me more, amid declining my dad’s whispered invitation for us to move for me-I couldn’t be that ungracious, could I?

“Duh! That’s Captain America! Of course he can!”
“Nahuh, I don’t think so!”
“Yeah! He’s army!”
“No he’s not!
“No way!”
And so on and so forth. It put me in mind of that scene from Emperor’s New Groove, you know the one, with Pacha’s kids?
And yes, it did continue throughout the entirety of the movie, to varying degrees.

Moving on….They kinda had me there with all the cool scenes and effects. The ice, the fire…the hammer. And those viking costumes were pretty sweet too.
I have to say, I quickly determined that….
I was going to adore these four: to the left

That I was a reluctant fan of Loki…..

And definitely not one of that other guy…..Thor. I had to shake my head (OK, there was some eye rolling too) in dismay as I realized that ‘our hero’ was another one of those big guys who were ‘oh so totally awesome (and they knew it too!)’ fellows who went around defying authority and following their own plans because they also knew better than anyone else what should be done.

And then….I started to realize that I had, as I do with so many ‘big, handsome (and yes, slightly arrogant) guys’…yes, I had misjudged him, hastily. He wasn’t as completely bad as I’d first made him out to be (disclaimer: some of them still are, though). And Loki wasn’t quite the hero I’d wanted him to be. There was SO much potential there in Loki, a chance to show the world (or at least Asgard) that there are brothers who rejoice in the good fortune of another, who will stand steadily at their side in support and love. Was that too much to ask, Marvel?!

Apparently so.

I loved how clean and fun this movie was.

I loved seeing the character development in Thor…watching him grow from a cocky and arrogant boy, to a humble and mighty man and leader.
I loved how, like a true leader, he was willing to sacrifice himself for those around him.

I enjoyed Natalie Portman’s portrayal of Jane; I hadn’t seen her in anything since Star Wars that I liked her in, so was nice to revive the good opinion I’d had of her. She did a great job, adding just the right amount of femininity to her science persona. I loved how she was at ease around him, but never forward (well, except for that one time….). I loved how she was so much tinier than him. I loved how determined she was not to give up.

And I loved this most of all.

This one time, they’re saying goodbye so he can go back to save Asgard; up till now, he’s always been the perfect gentleman to Jane, to all the ladies. He tells her he’ll come back for her, all the typical cheesy, but extremely heartmelting, stuff you expect to hear during one of these scenes.

And then, they draw close to one another, looking deep into one anothers’ eyes (yes, KattyRae, I know you’re probably being sick right now), and you totally know that they’re going to kiss–because it’s just that great cinematic moment for it, you know?

But then, he completely surprises by pulling up her hand between them, and gently, reverently, kissing it.

I love that he stayed true to his upbringing/customs; that he showed all guys watching now, that big, awesome, mighty men can still be courteous…kind, gentle, quietly remarkable…and still be just as mighty. This was when I decided I’d fallen in love with Thors’ character.
And when I was reminded, yet again, not to make judgements about someone’s character until I’d gotten to know the real them, not the gruff exterior they put on for show, or protection…but the real person they are inside. There’s a lot of biblical principles mixed up in there….and you ask why I still haven’t gotten that down. I don’t know, but I am working on it, and now with a renewed vengeance, thanks to Thor.

Oh, and while her character wasn’t a major one in this story, I LOVED Kat Dennings. She was AWESOME. Love her…and her ipod….and her taser.


3 thoughts on “THOR”

  1. Def loved the taser!!! =D She was a hilarious addition to movie…wouldn’t be the same without her small, insignificant character.
    And yes, I almost was sick there for a moment…..imagine how I felt in the theater! 😉

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