Yes, it is coming. A post full of vacation details, pictures, and trivial nonsense. But not tonight, unfortunately. Been working a double shift today, and just got off, so it’s off to bed, John MacArthur, and my Bible I go. After a shower, that is. I did a 30 minute workout this morning, including a 20 minute run out back through the pastures to the forest and around the ‘lake’. That was so refreshing after several days off no exercise other than that required to have fun. Yes, I did take a shower this morning after the run…but I felt so good after that, that I decided to also get back on my interval training this evening between shifts, and did a 30 minute session of that, followed by a walk through the (sticky-don’t ask) pastures with my mom.

Was a good day…tried to catch up on a few things; listened to some amazing teachings by John MacArthur on Joy (suggested by my dear friend, Evelyn, whom you will hear more of in the next post) while working.

So, tomorrow (Lord willing) I’ll post a good one on our awesome trip to Florida…I think it may very well have been my best vacation yet, and you’ll hear why then. 😉


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