Florida; Day 2

Since we’d stayed up so late the night before, we all slept in on Friday…then we sorta dragged ourselves around, and finally made it out the door to go eat lunch downtown and do some window shopping…

We ate at this really neat Japanese/Thai restaurant downtown…I forget the name. And I hear that the food is pretty awesome, too. 🙂


We shared samples….KattyRae ordered some something-curry, and it was pretty good. Jessi had something called (I think) a California Sushi Roll…incredibly awesome of her to share, but I think, in retrospect, that it was only by God’s amazing, saving grace that I am still alive today…victorious, having survived my first (and hopefully only) sushi experience.

Evelyn’s Tuna Roll was slightly better (given the fact that I love tuna), but still….how much can one love raw fish? Even if it is tuna….I did survive that one, too.

Hope ordered some shrimp (surprise, surprise!) something…which was OK. But Gaby…ooh, Gaby ordered the perfect dish. If ever I go back, I’m going with some sane choice like that…unfortunately, all I remember was Salmon. But I do know that it was cooked, and that’s good enough for me. That dish was delicious. I had ordered Sweet and Sour Chicken…I’ve never cared for that, but I figured I’d better wait until I tried an authentic ethnic restaurant that served that before making my final declaration on the subject. My chicken turned out to be quite good (it was still chicken), pleasant surprise, but I still think Gaby’s dish earned the highest marks.

After lunch, we ambled down the street. Saw some cute shops, including an awesome Wind in the Willows place (check out KattyRae’s blog for some pics of that), and went inside a place called Best of Everything (???? Jessi, help me out here!! lol). That was a nice little shop, and I finally found a choker/necklace to hang my sand dollar on.

After the shop, we (being the H girls, as my sisters and I were soaking everything up and were just along for the ride ;)) decided that we needed to go ahead and head down to ‘the compound’ (this is what my sister keeps calling it, and for the life of me I can’t remember anything other to refer to it by) where Tim’s brother worked.

That place was awesome…really. Beautiful, beautiful grounds; was a little sad, because the owner was hardly ever there, and the place wasn’t kept up to all it could have been (but really, you get a place that size, how can any of those be kept up?)…still, it was absolutely breathtaking in its present state. Had a slightly eerie quality to it that was mesmerizing. And the animals…wow. There were all sorts; swans, peacocks, donkeys, various birds, lemurs, a wallaby, and monkeys. Those monkeys were adorable…and completely creepy. If you’ve known my sisters and I long, you know that there is this weird sort of fascination between us and monkeys. I think we sort of got through that with the babies…sweet little things that they were…most of the time.

Molly was my favorite…it didn’t help matters that I upset Precious when I refused to let her take my earring, and she spent quite some time upbraiding me for that inconsiderate gesture. Molly, though, was a real cutie-pie. She loved to sit on the back of your neck, and prop her hands on the top of your head…could be embarrassing to some, but I thought it was great! lol Unfortunately, I didn’t get any pictures of that…

After the monkeys, Ben let us use the gator and golf carts to ‘explore’ the grounds. Was very cool, and rather more comfortable than riding around on ATV’s such as we’re used to. We also played Hide & Seek…but Kat, Jessi, and I soon grew tired of waiting to be found.

Some of the peacocks wandering about the place…there was a gorgeous albino one, but I never got a picture.

Afterwards, that evening, Tim and Evelyn got pizza, and we all hung out at Ben’s place for supper. Josh and Alisha had come out as well, and a friend of Alisha’s, Betsy. It was really nice to just be able to hang out with people close to our own age, and not have to worry about all the weirdness of “why don’t you go to college”, “you do what?”, etc… (though they may have been thinking it. lol)…it was nice to have conversations that did not revolve around classes, work, and (others’) family…not bad things, and please don’t get me wrong, I love hearing about what’s going on in your life (so don’t stop talking about those things)…but just to have other things to talk about, even trivial stuff, that doesn’t make us wonder ourselves whether we’re crazy or not, or even discontent about where we are in life. They were just folks like ourselves dealing with everyday life issues.

Ben had two guitars, and Gaby has a ukulele (now that was cool to listen to!!), so naturally Hope soon found herself playing one. That girl needs a guitar in her hands to be completely herself, sometimes it seems…they’re just such a part of her. Ben played both, some; I thought he was quite good. And I was chastised (again) that I was not more diligent in my studies in guitar…at least my guitar is going to good use in my brothers hands. We played/sang about two praise songs, which was so refreshing, just to remember that even in the midst of the wonderful times, God is almighty and He is worthy of all glory at all times…He is the reason we breathe. And while I struggled a bit with the low range, I found out afterwards that it was too high for most of them to be comfortable with. I was, I confess, a bit flabbergasted at that…I can’t go much lower myself, so is strange to think that others can (I wish I could—oh, how cool would it be to have a bass voice!! ;)). Next time, we know. I think Hope and I both would have loved to play and sing some more during the trip…and Kat…we’d been missing our praise and worship, and the opportunity to gather with other believers for that outside of Sunday mornings. But just that little bit was a gift from God, so that we could in turn give it back unto Him.

That pretty much concluded our Friday. There was too much to post Friday and Saturday together (plus, I’m too tired to do another day tonight!), so they’re getting their own individual posts. I’m sure they’re much happier that way, anyway. lol


4 thoughts on “Florida; Day 2”

  1. Soooo Fun!! You girls are great bloggers, I feel as though I’m reliving all of those precious moments with you precious girls! And yes, I am also thankful to be alive after eating all that raw fish (not my especial favorite) and you are right the store is called the Best of Everything 😀 ❤ U! ~Jessi

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