Post…Day….whatever, #4: A Favorite Television Program

My sister, the amazing KattyRae over at Shades of Grace, did one of the best posts on this….I mean, how can you beat the ingenuity of that?!

Anyway….MT aside, my post for this day was/is easy. One word for you.


Okay, some may argue that is two words…but I’m sticking to my guns on this one.

I have been a huge sci-fi geek since…well, for a long time. There are some incredibly lame sci-fi TV shows out there…Farscape, anyone? Yet, somehow I still like that one…can anyone say Ben Browder or Claudia Black?

Which leads me to my point…there are some knock-your-socks-off good ones out there too (if you happen to be a SF geek such as myself); some of my personal favorites being the Stargate franchise. Oh. My. Stars.
Starts off with Stargate-SG I….a secret complex hidden in the Cheyenne Mt. housing the Stargate…an intergalactic travel system known also as a wormhole. I know, it sounds crazy…heck, it is crazy. But remember, please, that we are talking Sci Fi….and cut it, and me, a break. The story centers on the exploits of four characters; two Air Force personal, a Col. Jack O’Neill, and a Capt. Samantha (Sam) Carter, also Jack’s old friend, Dr Daniel Jackson…who starts out as a geek, but eventually turns into the sort of guy who doesn’t make you want to drive a nail through something all the time, and slightly more easy on the eyes…Oh, and their new buddy (translate, alien) Teal’c. There are many more characters that come and go…an alien, Jonas Quinn joins them for a time…Over the course of the Ten Season show (a big deal, ten seasons!), two other people join the team as well, taking the place of some of the old characters; Col Cameron Mitchel, and (another alien) Vala Mal Doran. Cam Mitchel is one of my all time favorite characters.

I think I love this so much for the characters, really. There is so much development (well, for ten years worth, there sure better be!!), and each one is unique, quirky at times, loyal, finds courage they may not have known they had, and maintains & strengthens their relationships with one another.

Around season seven-eight, they created a spin-off series (my favorite of the franchise), titled Stargate Atlantis….basically, they believe they have located the lost city, and an expedition heads out, with the very real possibility that they may never again see home. Again, great characters, possibly better story plot, definitely better on the technical aspects. I love Major John Shepherd, with his perpetual bed-head, adorable quizzical eyes/expressions, his leadership and courage, his compassion, and his loyalty and determination to see the job done…And Dr Rodney McKay (who first appeared with a storyline in SG-I) is hilarious in his self-centeredness…the man had nowhere to go but up (character development). Dr Carson Becket is another favorite of mine…how can anyone not adore a sweet, slightly cowardly, and totally just not there, guy with a Scottish accent? He really grows into his own through the course of this five season series. Ronan Dex…he was always a little too tough for me…but you find out he has his reasons. Teyla Emmagan, a native they find quite soon on one of their first expeditions, joins the team, and becomes an indispensible member. Dr Jennifer Carter is somewhat more how I’d imagine myself in such a situation…basically terrified of off-world activities and almost completely out of her element. Yet, somehow she makes it, with the help of her friends, and with the aid of a courage and determination deep inside her that ’caused her to claim the medical field in the beginning. And Micheal Kenmore…he plays a huge role during the course of several of the seasons.

During the last season of Atlantis, the creators came up with Stargate Universe, another spin-off. A group of people, mostly military and scientists’, discover an ‘Ancients ship’. Again, they hazard the possibility that they may never see home again, but since they are left with little choice, they board it, and see what/where it takes them. It’s neat, I did get pulled into the storyline, which focuses on a ‘younger’ group of people overall…but I found it to not be as clean (again, talking sci-fi, so that’s all relevant) as Atlantis was. I did really love Eli Wallace, an overweight, 23-year-old still living at home playing video games to pass the time before his genius is discovered and he is whisked off to join the expedition. Over all, my favorite of this franchise, as I said, was Stargate Atlantis. It was the cleanest of the three (and, in sci-fi, you do find some objectionable material here and there…I just don’t recall that with Atlantis, but do with the other two). The characters were the most relatable. The script writers did a fantastic job. The actors were great. I grew so involved in their lives, I bawled my eyes out when the season ended. You can ask KattyRae if you don’t believe me.


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