‘Tis the season…

…For weddings!

OK, technically, that season is May-August, and we’re nearly out of that last one…but a slew of weddings are coming up fast for me!

A family friend is getting married this weekend…and yes, I still have trouble thinking he’s old enough…I know he is, I know he is…..

An old friend from high school just got married. That completely shocked me. I really didn’t think he was old enough to get married, seeing as he was actually in his first year of JUNIOR high when I was a senior. I saw the announcement on Facebook today and just about fell out of my chair. I guess that means I am getting old….

A girl I’ve known for the past six years just got married last weekend.

Another old, old, friend is getting married in about a month. I’ve known this guy and his family for most of my life. It’s crazy, it’s fast….and it’s totally exciting! I’m so stoked for him. Of course, I don’t know the girl yet, but I’m sure she’s great. I also want to laugh madly, as he was one of those guys who I would have sworn wouldn’t get married till he was thirty…just ’cause he wouldn’t slow down long enough! And there is that  little fact that he used to swear up and down that it was a decade at least before he’d be ready. 😉

And then, I have another amazingly dear friend getting married a month after that! This pace is crazy…but I came to the realization that I’m completely happy and excited for them all.

That’s it. I’m not jealous of where they are in life; I’m not sitting here wishing that I could be planning my wedding, or that I had someone special like that in my life. No, I am honestly and utterly happy for them. And happy about where I am…content. And I realize that, once again, God does answer prayer. I had grown so tired of seeing that green-eyed monster lurking on the outskirts of weddings. I recently asked God to keep my heart, lock and key, with Him…saving me from all such feelings until His timing for me had come. And He’s proven faithful, even in this instance. I’m excited about where God is taking my friends…and for what He has planned for me, in the here and now, not just the future.

I often wondered when, if ever, I’d be able to say this and truly mean it with every ounce in my body. Now I can.

I am content.


5 thoughts on “‘Tis the season…”

    1. Mamie,

      You know the one this weekend. 🙂 The guy that just got married was in the co-op, years and years ago…he’s in Texas now, I think….

      Everyone else is spread out…Colorado, Florida, New England….Idaho was not too far back, either… 🙂

      Yes, contentment is an amazing thing!

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