Rainy Days

It is days like this:

that make me want to do this:

But seriously, how many of us can actually do that these days without someone calling our mother to tell her we’ve “completely lost it this time!”? Not to mention the load of wet laundry we then must do….’you make the mess, you clean the mess…’…

So, the next best thing would be to grab a cup of coffee/cider/tea/cocoa (really, it doesn’t much matter which, as long as it’s hot), and curl up with a good book.

I’m afraid I’ve run out of good books to read…I mean really good books. There are tons of so-so, okay, books out there, but I want something to sink my teeth into. Fiction or fact, doesn’t matter as long as it’s good. I have a series I’ve gotten hooked on that I need to finish…but alas, they’re at the library, and I’m not there.

So, on days like this, with the rain pouring down, making my mind clear for the first time in ages, I instead turn to writing my own “really good” book…or my attempt at one, anyhow. Sometimes I get a lot done…other times, I may only accomplish a paragraph or two. But it’s accomplishment, nonetheless. Someday, perhaps in the near future, but more realistically, in some far off date when we all will be sitting in wheelchairs & given headaches (and who knows what else) by our great-grandsons’ enthusiasm at the opportunity to ‘wheel grammy up and down the hall”….well, then someday, I might just have one of these:

to show you for all my work.

For now, it’s still a work in progress. Slow progress.

Sometimes, I honestly ache to tell you the story of Emma and the journey she takes to find herself; of Jeff and his family, the struggles and joys they face during a turning time in America’s history; or to open up the entire world of Elaine to you…but I must restrain myself and save that for the writers board. Someday, I hope to bring all their tales to light, and then you can tell me of how my writing should remain a closet hobby. lol

I made a pear crisp today…the weather was just screaming autumn at me. So I had pear crisp and a cup of Lady Gray tea for lunch, and thought of how contented I should be…am. There are times when I don’t feel contented, when I want to rage against the restraints in my life, the injustices dealt me…but I always remember afterwards that most of those restraints or injustices are erected inside my own mind. God has given me a good lot in life; let me ever be grateful for it. I have been given a loving family, good & sweet friendships, a roof over my head, a provider & protector in the form of my father…on top of that all, God has placed me in one of the only places in Mississippi which reflects just a little slice of heaven.

Life is good.

God is better.

I love rainy days.

*Contented Sigh.


9 thoughts on “Rainy Days”

  1. What a lovely post! I wish I could recommend some good books, but as it seems you are at home and can’t even go to the library, you can’t exactly get any new books outside our home. What kind of books do you typically read? I’m into World War II, and I love the non-fiction The Nazi Officer’s Wife and I’ve just started the series The Zion Covenant starting with Vienna Prelude by Christian author Bodie Thoene. Have you read any of those two books? Both are excellent, very enlightening, inspirational, and sobering. Goodreads.com is a great place to search for and catalog books and get recommendations; you can even request books from other readers for just the shipping price.

    But that’s great that you write! I love how you take humor in your situation and see the goodness of God in everything. You are certainly very mature, and very blessed by the Lord.

    1. I tried some of the Zion Covenant…recommended by a friend…but just couldn’t get into them. :/ Haven’t tried the Nazi Officer’s Wife….will look that up someday….
      Yes, I have a goodreads account…just haven’t used it in a long time. 🙂

      Thanks for the compliments! 🙂

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