Put Yourself Out There….

and do some things that may be entirely uncomfortable during your life.
I decided to do this, courtesy of Cristina at The 100 Things Blog. Over the course of the next several years, I will write off each one…and maybe blog about it. We’ll see. 🙂
Also, it cannot be something that I have done previously (oh, how I wish I could with some of them!!), but rather, a new experience since making this resolution. What fun….and extreme embarassment….lie in store for me!!

  1. Be a touron for a day. I actually had to look this word up. What I discovered was…interesting. And, I think, shall be pretty easy for me. 🙂
  2. Make a list of 100 things that make you happy.
  3. Talk loudly in a made up language.
  4. Message in a bottle.
  5. Bake for a neighbor and go introduce yourself.
  6. Grow a plant.
  7. Sleep under the stars.
  8. Have a bonfire.
  9. Call every person you interact with by a pet name for a whole day.
  10. Learn to say hello in 15 languages.
  11. In one day, use 15 new words.
  12. Ride a rollercoaster.
  13. Don’t say anything self-deprecating for a day.
  14. Every time you criticize yourself, write down a positive thing about yourself.
  15. Ride on a motorcycle. Originally, this was a Segway…but I changed it due to improbability…or should I say, impossibility. The thing is entirely extinct.
  16. Piece (and finish!) a Queen size quilt.
  17. Volunteer for 12 hours straight.
  18. Take a martial arts class.
  19. Mismatch for a day
  20. Every time someone speaks, write it down in a journal for a day.
  21. Give inspirational notes to everyone you talk to for a whole day.
  22. Use a fake name all day.
  23. Don’t use your phone all day.
  24. Don’t look at a clock all day.
  25. Wear sunglasses all day (including inside).
  26. Laugh at everything people say for a whole day.
  27. Watch the 10 greatest american movies of all time.
  28. Eat something new and exotic.
  29. Go all day without complaining.
  30. Give a dollar to every homeless person you see (with a note).
  31. Compliment every person you buy something from for a day…sincerely..
  32. Open up to a completely random person.
  33. Acknowledge/write down every time you judge someone…then think of a positive attribute about them.
  34. Eat at a nice restaurant alone.
  35. Sing karaoke.
  36. Tell someone something you’ve always wanted to tell them.
  37. Be honest for a whole day.
  38. Clean a public square.
  39. Don’t say sorry unless you’re really sorry.
  40. Do something kind every hour for a day.
  41. Personify an alter ego for a day.
  42. Say hi to everyone you see for a day.
  43. Spend a day using the opposite hand.
  44. Go a day without utensils.
  45. Be goth for a day.
  46. Invent a new word everyday for a week.
  47. Volunteer at a new place every day for a whole week.
  48. Take pictures with a stranger in a photo booth.
  49. Live on a dollar a day for a weekend.
  50. Use the worst pick up line on someone. Honestly….this one’s gonna wait till I actually know (and am in a relationship with) the guy….is that cheating?
  51. Dance in a public place.
  52. Go for a run while dancing.
  53. Pay for the person behind you (gas, starbucks, etc).
  54. Run a lemonade stand.
  55. Arcade games in dress clothes.
  56. Go to a renaissance fair in costume.
  57. Write on the walls of the 10 people to pop up on your newsfeed (facebook)
  58. Cook enough food for 100 people and donate it.
  59. Give away one of your prized possessions to charity.
  60. Update your fb status at least 20 times in one day.
  61. Join a flashmob.
  62. Eat raw food for a whole day.
  63. Sit in one spot from sunrise to sunset.
  64. Go a week with no facebook.
  65. Play ping-pong.
  66. Write a love letter to yourself.
  67. Do yoga in a public place.
  68. Write down and tell, completely honestly to, the people who matter to you.
  69. Don’t look in a mirror all day and don’t primp (hair, make up, etc) for a day.
  70. Overcome an intense fear (give blood, touch a snake).
  71. Renew a relationship with someone you’ve lost touch with.
  72. For 4 days in a row, read at least 3 different newspapers (at least Wall St Journal, BBC, and New York Times).
  73. Arrange a lunch/coffee date with someone new.
  74. Buy something that you want, give it to someone else.
  75. Be as “green” as possible for a day.
  76. No caffeine for a week.
  77. Organize your own pick up sports game.
  78. Take pictures of a momentous occasion and don’t post them on facebook.
  79. Use an accent all day.
  80. Don’t talk behind anyone’s back for a day.
  81. Go all day without cursing. Ok, since that is not a normal thing for me, I’m gonna include the ‘tame alternatives’, such as gosh, nuts, dadgummit, etc, etc…..
  82. Give someone an anonymous gift.
  83. Find a new singer/band every day for a week- only listen to them each day.
  84. Attend a lecture out of your element.
  85. Attend a sporting event with face paint and a full outfit.
  86. Drink only water for a week.
  87. Use a fake name all day.
  88. Go to a party and dance. Again, was originally don’t drink…but I don’t normally anyway. I do, however, cling to the wall for dear life and avoid all eye contact in order to escape embarrassing myself through dancing.
  89.  Wear someone else’s shoes for a day (literally and figuratively).
  90. Learn how to make one amazing recipe.
  91. Ice Skate.
  92. Write your obituary.
  93. Write your will.
  94. Publish a novel. This is personally for me…if you don’t write, challenge yourself to write a short story.
  95. Eat every meal at home for a week.
  96. Break a bad habit (must keep up for at least a week).
  97. See a movie alone.
  98. Fly a kite.
  99. Ride a mechanical bull.
  100. Kiss someone in the rain.

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